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I ask why I've been blessed so richly? I don't feel as if I deserve what God has given.
I Am Blessed Far More Than I Deserve
I've seen a daughter born of my blood and watched the life fade from the eyes of her mother,
my first dear wife as her soul passed from this world to the next.
I've climbed the highest peak in America.
Beheld the beauty of thousands of painted skies as day parts and night begins.
Seen that same sun as it breaks the horizon over the ice cold Atlantic.
I've lost many I've loved and some I loved not so much, either way it left a void.
Had homes, cars and pets I cared for deeply.
I've talked with God and have heard Him speak to me.
Swam alongside eels, turtles and brilliantly colored fish off the Kona Coast in the crystal clear seas of Hawaii.
Journeyed through canyons deep and wide as well as canyons so narrow I could touch both walls with arms extended wide.
Laid down in fields of clover or upon a carpet of soft green grass contemplating the sky above.
I've seen the rage of hurricanes, the blinding white of blizzards, the anger of the sea in a storm.
I've been lost in my thoughts amidst dark green shadows of a dense New England forest,
gazed upon the brightest blue of an Arizona winter's sky.
Tasted the sweetest of sweets and the most bitter of bitters.
Watched the sparkling of stars like diamonds on black velvet.
Explored the depths of Carolyn's green blue eyes knowing she'll be the last great love of my life.
Fallen asleep to the chirp of crickets, the crashing of surf upon the shore and
Carolyn's soft breathing as she lay sleeping next to me.
I've laughed til I cried and cried til I laughed.
I've questioned why and answered why.
I've walked where Jesus walked and visited the land of his birth.
I visited one of the new 7 wonders of the world, Petra and sailed on the Sea of Galilee.
I am blessed.
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