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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2190880
A high school cheerleader finds a shrunken city in a meadow

A technologically advanced space battle cruiser the size of a small city hovered over San Jose, California. A reporter named Arlen Thompson was on board the futuristic vessel and was being interviewed by the owner of the space cruiser. They sat in chairs in front of a backdrop of control consoles and blinking lights.

“So let me get this straight,” said Arlen, “Your name is Kay-Lar, you’re from an alternate reality, and you’re also from fifty thousand years in the future, and you’ve come for the single daughters of every family in the city between the ages of 16 and 21, so you can turn them into your concubines, and if we don’t comply, you’re going to shrink the city and steal it?”

“That is correct,” said Kay-Lar. “My space cruiser is equipped with a powerful neutrino dissimilator that can reduce a city small enough so that it can fit onto a tabletop.”

“If we don’t agree to your terms, what will you do with the city once you shrink it?” Arlen asked.

“I’ll place it in a secluded rural area near a suburban development, so it can be discovered by a female high school athlete, and I can document it for my entertainment. I have an affinity for cheerleaders, so I’ll put the city where it will soon be discovered by one. With my mind control technology, I can summon a girl with a lot of aggression and compel her to discover the shrunken city, and I will force others to avoid that area.”

“How long can shrunken people survive?” Arlen asked.

“Their miniaturized bodies require food and water that has been reduced to their equivalent scale, so they would die of thirst in a matter of days once they run out of bottled water.” said Kay-Lar.

“And what about the girls you want to abduct?” Arlen asked. “If you shrink the city, what happens to them?”

“My androids will abduct them with space warp technology regardless of whether the city agrees to my terms.”

“How do you prevent people and homes from getting cut in half by your shrink ray if they’re on the perimeter of target area?” Arlen asked.

“My technology is so advanced it is beyond your comprehension,” said Kay-Lar. “Nobody will get cut in half.”

“I think I can speak for everyone in saying we will in no way comply with your demands!” said Arlen.

Then let the games begin!” said Kay-Lar, as he stood up. “A shuttle cruiser will take you back to the city.”

Once Arlen was safely home and he shuttle cruiser had returned, Kay-Lar resumed his sinister plan. One moment the city was serenely there, and in another moment, it was reduced to a tiny fraction of its former size. To people outside the perimeter of the area affected, it looked like the city had been devastated. A barren wasteland stretched for miles where the city had once existed.

The space cruiser descended, and a robotic mechanism cut beneath the shrunken city, and scooped it up. Once onboard, the space cruiser ascended up into the sky, and was gone.


Chapter One:

Lacey Lynch was wearing her red and white cheer uniform with her school team “Titans” emblazoned on the front as she made her way through a rural area on her way home from cheer practice. She took a short cut through a meadow that was located between her high school and the suburban development where she lived.

She set her pink and white backpack down when something caught her eye. It was a city, but on a much smaller scale than normal. The tallest buildings were only about a foot high, and the perimeter of the city filled a circle about ten feet in diameter. The vehicles parked on the roads were small enough that their occupants wouldn’t be any larger than ants.

Lacey circled the city, then knelt down to see if this was an elaborate model, or something else. She picked up a vehicle, then lifted it closer to her eyes to get a closer look. She ripped off the hood of the vehicle, and saw that the engine was intact.

“This isn’t a model,” said Lacey. “This is real! This must be what happened to San Jose the other day, I saw it on the news, but everyone thought the city was destroyed!”

Lacey dropped the car and stood up and put her hands on her hips.

“Okay!” said Lacey firmly. “I don’t know how this happened, but you are all under my dominion now! I am in control! If you don’t come out of your hiding places, these majestic legs of mine will send my feet crashing down on your tiny city!”

Lacey lifted one of her feet, and said, “Here is a sample of my power!”

Lacey’s shoe-clad foot came crashing down on a section of the city. She smeared her pink Converse back and forth, causing a wide swath of destruction.

“If you don’t come out, I’ll cause more destruction!” Lacey shouted. “You’ll know how it feels to get conquered by a titan!”

Soon, dozens of people came out of their homes and gazed up at Lacey. From shoes to head, they saw her pink Converse and white ankle high socks, her tanned, muscular legs beneath her ultra short skirt, the short sleeved red and white cheer uniform showing off her tanned arms, and her long brunette hair tied in a pony tail. She had a smirk on her face, and the look in her gray eyes looked as if she was satisfied with her role of predatory dominance.

“I may only be fourteen,” said Lacey, “but as far as you’re concerned, I’m a deity!”

Lacey knelt down, and got on her knees. “I saw the news, so I know the city of San Jose was miniaturized and taken, but now that you’re here, you might as well provide me with entertainment!”

Lacey placed her right hand on the ground, palm side up.

“Climb onto my palm, I command you!” said Lacey. “As long as nobody else knows about you, I can do whatever I want with you! Since ancient times, the powerful have exploited the weak!”

About two dozen ant sized people were now standing on her palm.

“I’ve always wanted to swallow shrunken people, that would make me feel like a goddess. Prepare to become my next meal, you’re about to become the food of the gods!”

Lacey stood up and lifted her hand to her lips, and swept her tongue across her palm, dominantly lapping up all the victims and sweeping them into her mouth. She tilted her head back and swallowed; once the shrunken people were on their way down her gullet, she laughed maniacally.

“Are there any among you who would dare to challenge me?” Lacey asked. “Who would challenge a mighty goddess?”

Lacey began to walk across the cityscape, crushing homes and buildings in the process.

“It’s like this entire city is my own private playground!” Lacey giggled as she stomped on a section of freeway that was elevated. She crushed it and the vehicles that were stuck on it. She kicked a building, destroying it.

There was a college football stadium, and some of the people who worked there were in the control room. They activated the loudspeakers, and one of them asked, “What do you want from us?”

“There’s two things I want from you, “ Lacey answered, “for you to either get crushed beneath my feet, or for you to go sliding down into my stomach! For those who want to end up going on a one way journey to the depths of my teenage belly, just gather into a large group, so I can scoop you up easier.” Lacey giggled after saying this. “You’re all going to die of thirst and hunger whether I kill you or not, that’s what Kay-Lar said on the news, so I might as well get some enjoyment out of you.”

About a thousand tiny people gathered in the parking lot of the college football stadium, there was plenty of room for them, because there weren’t many cars parked there. They caught Lacey’s eye, and she knelt down and placed her hand palm side up, as she had done earlier.

“Thanks for making my job easier,” said Lacey. “Now, surrender to my hand, and prepare to get swallowed!”

About a quarter of the captives climbed onto Lacey’s palm, but she lifted her hand before the rest of them could climb on.

“Whoa, not all at once,” said Lacey. “There’s time for all of you to end up with a turn in my titanic tummy! Just give me time!”

Lacey lifted her hand to her lips, licking her lips as she smiled. She swept her tongue across the tinies, and they plunged into her mouth with ease. They were so small, all two hundred or so of them fit easily within her mouth. As she did before, Lacey tilted her head back and swallowed, sending the captives plunging down her esophagus to swim around in her stomach chyme.

Lacey placed her hand down again, palm side up as before, and another two hundred or so captives climbed onto her palm. Lacey stood up, and walked over to her backpack, and unzipped one of the pouches.

“I’m taking you home with me, I want to have fun with you at my leisure, and I’m worried someone else might find the city,” said Lacey, then she dumped the captives into the pouch in her backpack and zipped it up, then put it on.

“You’ve got a raincheck on me destroying your tiny city,” said Lacey. “I’ll be back here this time tomorrow to finish you off!” Lacey stepped on the shrunken city multiple times as she made her way out and exited the secluded meadow and returned home.

To Be Continued!

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