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Rated: ASR · Poetry · Fantasy · #2191021
a poem in sestina form about a maiden named Serena - originally written 2006
Serena was a maid with looks that could please
her eyes glowed with the fires of life.
Then entered her world, a most malicious knave
who forced her violently onto her knees
while to her throat, he pressed a knife
and demanded her to be his slave.

Into the night, Serena would toil and slave
for food, she was made to beg "Please".
To keep her in line, he played with his knife
she lived ever in fear for her life.
The floors were cleaned as she scrubbed on her knees
never allowed out of the sight of the knave.

Dark tempered and abusive was the knave
he pondered new ways to torture his slave.
With whips, he beat the backs of her knees
it seemed that only when she cried was he pleased.
His joy was playing deadly games with her life
his favorite tool, his evil, trusty knife.

With a demonic glimmer shone the deadly knife
as it was juggled in the hands of the knave,
a constant reminder of her position in life
the conquered and lowly slave.
It seemed nothing she did could truly please
the man who demanded she crawl on her knees.

Each night she prayed, down on her knees
that somehow she could get hold of that knife.
For then it'd be his turn for begging please;
ah, sweet vengeance taken on the knave!
Serena would be free from being his slave
and rekindle the spark of her life.

Dreams of revenge began to rule her life,
of never again being forced to her knees.
Desires of ending her time as a slave
all depended upon getting that devilish knife.
But how to steal it away from the knave,
to have the freedom to do what she please?

"I beg you please,
spare my life,"
cried the knave,
as he knelt down on his knees.
Now that Serena had the knife,
she would never again be a slave.
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