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Entry for 05/14. 292 words. A wonderful love might be a bit too much.
"Barbara, Stop! Now! This is wrong. Terribly wrong. You have no right to do this."
"No, Larry. You could have, you should have, left a month ago. Your time to go has long past. There is no way for you to change anything now. "
Barbara pulled the garrote just the slightest bit more taught. The thin metal chain, almost as light as air, bit a tad deeper into the pulsing conduits of blood throbbing through his neck. A tiny rivulet of blood began mixing with Larry's sweat, joining his smell of fear, Barbara felt an incredible, arousing heat burning from her toes to her temporal lobes and sent her gasp from the guttural to a shrill jarring shriek of animal heat and lust.
Larry stopped moving. His breathing slowed. He could feel the lines of tension running up and down his neck. A quick movement or jerky motion near that thin metal wire would finish his life as surely as a bullet tearing through his forehead.
"You have no reason to kill me. I've been good to you. I've given you all the pleasure any man could. I've made you groan and squeal. It has been as good for you as it has been for me. Enough. Release me. Let me walk from this room. No one will ever know. We have shared the most forbidden intimacy. Let us share it forever but forever apart".
Oh, yes. Larry. Absolutely apart". Barbara' warm wet tongue gently licked a bright rivulet of sweet red blood.
"I will never speak a word, and you, my sweet lover will soon gently die." The garrote pulled tight, and a soft puff of purple cloud floated from Larry's lips softly down Barbara's warm throat. She gently sighed.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2191026