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He’s hidden it from friends.
“Hey, Danny? Come look at this . . . keep your head down.”

“Why? What? Whattaya want Pete?”

“Look. You aren’t going to believe this . . . no dummy, over there on the other side of the canyon.”

“Wha? . . . who’s that? . . . holy crap . . . he jumped dead mans gulch. No ones ever survived that jump!”

“He just did. Look at his bike . . . Who’s that remind you of?”

“No. It can’t be! That’s Bobby’s bike, I recognize that dumb flag he has. His mommy makes him have it so cars can see him. So he says.”

“It’s true. But look at him go . . . he may be beating your best time.”

“No way. No ones ever gonna’ beat my best time.”

“I think he could. God, look at him go. He’s doin’ a thousand.”

“Can’t go that fast on a bicycle.”

“Okay, a couple hunn’ert.”

“Maybe . . . let’s go talk to him. Well race down this side and meet up at the bottom . . . let’s go!”

“Wait . . . dang it Pete . . . wait for the start!”

“Catch me if you can sucker.”

“Hey Bobby? What’cha up to?”

“Nothin’ much. What’re you 2 up to?”

“Watchin’ you come down that hill at a hunn’ert miles an hour. Jumping dead mans gulch too. You keep tellin’ us you don’t ride so good and won’t race downhill with us.”

“I don’t like racing down hill.”

“Looked like you were havin’ a lot of fun to me?”


“Tell us. What’s up with no racing? We thought you was just chicken. Doesn’t look that way any more. We’ll tell the rest of the gang what we saw. Let’s do it again.”

“I don’t want to race you Danny.”

“Yer actin’ chicken again. Isn’t he Pete?”

“Maybe. Why not Bobby?

“I was a pro and my mom says I shouldn’t show off and make others feel bad.”

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