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James discovers his pocket mirror has taken on magical properties.
When I woke up my room was dark, lit by nothing other than the pocket mirror laying on my bedside table. I was about to roll over and return to my sleep when my brain began working to remind me that a mirror isn’t supposed to emit light. Curious I picked up the hand mirror and felt energy coursing through my veins, that was unmistakably the feeling of magic. I put down the mirror and returned to my slumber.

After waking up once more, i looked at my bedside table. Sitting there was the mirror which no longer had its faint glow. I picked the mirror up, but didn’t feel magic coursing through it. Disappointed I sat the mirror back down, while I chalked last night up to my imagination.

Strangely my leather journal was laying open on the bedside table instead of in the shelf. On the open page was writing in a familiar handwriting, that I couldn’t identify. The title of the page read, ‘The Enchanted Mirror’. Instantly I knew this was nothing more than an elaborate prank and stopped reading in annoyance. I picked the mirror back up however.

I left my bedroom and walked through the hallway and went downstairs to the living room. Rolling around on the living room floor was the family cat Socks. As I walked my I tripped and saw the mirror flying towards Socks. When the mirror made contact Socks disappeared into the mirror as white light, leaving a still image of Socks behind on the lens. Shocked and horrified I grabbed the mirror and rushed back to my room to find a way to reverse this.

On my way I ran into Scarlet, who stared at me with contempt in her brown eyes. Her long, red hair was unusually tangled and messy, so I must have caught her before she’s ready for the day. That was further supported by the fact that she was still in her scarlet red pajamas. Her snarl told me that she was in her usual bad mood.

“What do you have there?” Scarlet asked noting the mirror in my hand.

“It’s nothing of your concern.” I said.

“I’ll be the judge of that.” Scarlet said taking it from my hand.

“Give it back!” I yelled trying to take it back.

She moved it away from my reach and asked,”But how would I see my good side without it?”

I thought of a plan and said,”Just don’t touch the lens.”

Scarlet touched the lens. Instead of becoming white light, white light exited from the mirror and covered her body. Moments later the light receded leaving only Socks behind. Strangely Socks was standing on her back legs like a person and angrily meowed, before slinking away. The mirror now had an image of Scarlet instead.

I then heard my adopted mother shout, “If I catch you annoying that cat again James you’re grounded!”

I heard her footsteps moving towards the door. I was panicked and had no time to think. I took a deep breath and came up with a plan. It was risky, since I would have to leave things to chance. Having no better plan I touched the lens.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2191370