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A young woman's bet with her boyfriend leaves her completely stuck in a tree trunk.
A month after her wall incident 23 year old Lisa Jones was walking along with her boyfriend Adam who joked,"of all the places I could have found you,I never expected to find you stuck in a wall with your underwear showing."
"I know it's was so embarrassing", said Lisa,"but at least my butt looked amazing sticking out of there"
Lisa then spotted a tree trunk and went over to have a closer look. The tree trunk had a hole in the middle of it and a red rose inside Lisa's favourite flower which the curvy blonde haired young woman decided that she wanted and thought about climbing inside the tree trunk.
"Bebe I know what you thinking about doing but if you go inside that tree trunk, you're going to get stuck.", said Michael.
"That's ridiculous" said Lisa,"people don't get stuck in tree trunks and I'll prove it to you."
"All right then", said Michael,"how about we have a bet where if you get stuck,you buy dinner all next week."
"That's fair", said Lisa,"but if I win, you have to buy dinner all next week and I get to buy something really expensive with your credit card."
"It's a deal", said Michael as the two kissed on it before Lisa stuck her head inside the tree trunk and after having to use some effort to squeeze in her breasts her entire top half was inside leaving only her hips curvy backside and legs sticking out as Adam struggled not to laugh at how ridiculous his girlfriend looked.

Lisa then grabbed the flower and put it in her hair before taking a selfie and sent to her best friend Mia before joking"enjoying the view back there."
"It's perfect", Adam replied as the two laughed before Lisa tried to back out of the tree trunk but discovered that she couldn't.
"That's not good",said the young woman as she placed her hands against the tree trunk and pushed and pushed with all her might but still she didn't move.
"Bebe, you all right asked a concerned Adam
"Fine,thanks", replied",Lisa,"it's just a bit tighter than I thought", as she then tried to push herself free again even putting her foot against the tree trunk for leverage but for all her efforts,Lisa didn't budge a single inch, she was completely and utterly stuck.

"It's no use",said Lisa as she admitted to her boyfriend,"Adam,I think I'm stuck ,could you please pull me out?"
"Of course",replied Adam as he grabbed onto his girlfriend's hips and pulled and pulled while Lisa pushed and pushed and the young couple pulled and pushed with all their might but still the tree trunk refused to let Lisa go.
"Wow,you weren't kidding Bebe,"you're really wedged yourself in there tight",said the exhausted Adam as Lisa tried to call for help but her phone didn't get any reception and Adam had left his phone at home,so he ran off to get some help.

25 minutes ago,a stray dog walking passed spotted Lisa's situation and grabbed the seat of her skirt and began to pull while Lisa, feeling the sudden tugging and the growling of the dog began wiggling her backside while saying let go of my skirt you naught dog but still the dog refused to let go until a RIP sound was heard and Lisa's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of her skirt and exposed her bubble butt which was barely covered by purple panties. The dog then ran off leaving Lisa still stuck and now with her underwear showing.
"This is the most embarrassing day of my life said Lisa as a young couple walking passed spotted her situation and went over to have a closer look.
"Excuse me miss, would you like some help?" the man asked.
The startled Lisa replied yes I would love some help, what your name?"
"I'm Paul and I'm here with my girlfriend Holly.", said the young man as he grabbed onto Lisa's hips and pulled while Lisa pushed but the two failed to budge her and Paul said,"Holly, could you give me a hand,she's really wedged in there." Of course",replied Holly as she grabbed onto Paul's waist and the trio pulled and pushed with all their might but Lisa didn't move.

"I think I'm going to be stuck in here forever"said Lisa as just then Adam returned with Mia and after Lisa explained the entire situation and everyone laughed at how ridiculous Lisa looked,a chain was formed with Adam pulling Lisa's hips Mia pulling Adam's waist while Paul pulled Mia's t-shirt and Holly pulled Paul's belt while Lisa pushed.
"Right everyone","heave said Adam as the group began a tug of war with the tree trunk.
"OW",that hurts",said Lisa as she didn't budge.
"Heave", said Adam again as everyone pulled and pushed even harder.
"OW, this isn't going to work",Lisa as still the tree trunk held on to her.
"I think you're nearly free,Bebe", "come on everyone ,put your backs into it","heave" said Adam as everyone pulled and pushed with all their strength and even the dog from earlier grabbed the hem of Holly's skirt to help with the tug of war until suddenly a POP sound was heard and Lisa was at last pulled from the tree trunk, sending everyone flying backwards into a heap on the grass outside.
"Thank goodness for that said a now unstuck and overjoyed Lisa as she hugged and kissed Adam before thanking everyone for their help before everyone went to get some lunch together while laughing about the ridiculousness of the situation that had occurred.

The next day,Lisa went into a shop and was shocked to see the cover of the newspaper which had the headline "local woman's tree trunk disaster" and featured a picture of Lisa's barely-covered rear end sticking out of the tree trunk and another one of everyone pulling on her. Lisa's face turned beet red with embarrassment but when she showed the cover to Adam,he joked,,"at least your butt looks amazing sticking out of that tree trunk" as the two burst out laughing before eating the food Lisa had bought.
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