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Zach, an extraterrestrial has agreed to come to Earth to aid humans in their ascension.
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His hands felt strange and were no longer familiar to him. They were shorter and pale brown in color. He possessed five fingers instead of his normal seven. He flexed his right hand, and the fingers moved. Zach looked downward and noticed another weird form. His feet were encased in comfortable shoes known as sneakers to the humans. He wiggled his toes and smiled because he was not sure he could move them too. He examined other parts of the human spacesuit and its clothing and wondered why it was necessary to cover or hide it. Back home, on planet J’Anchara (pronounced jn-ca-ra), no one covered themselves. They were a tall, yellow, slim species with fins on their backs, at the top of their heads, soles of their feet and the back of their arms and a long tail. The citizens of J’Anchara were called Ancharians (pronounced uh-k-ri-ans) which was primarily a water species that could live both on land and in water. Ancharians did not need air like humans do to survive since the sun has enough energy to sustain them. As a very evolved species, they were known throughout the universe for creating the best technological enhancements and advancements. Other species often traveled to their planet specifically for this.

Zach had just teleported to planet Earth on a tropical island located somewhere in Caribbean from the Ancharian mother-ship. He was still adapting to the human spacesuit he had gained. On board the mother-ship, his mission was briefly explained to him, which was to journey to a planet called Earth to aid humans with their ascension. His acceptance was merely out of curiosity because he wanted to do something different for a change. He heard stories about Earth and her inhabitants which fascinated him. He wasn’t sure yet how he would carry out his mission, but knew he would be successful.

Because of this intergalactic/human collaborative, the Ancharian Elders instructed Zach not to have any contact with humans until after attending the assembly with the Ascended Masters of Earth and the intergalatians (species from different planets and galaxies throughout the universe) since the future of Earth and her humans were at stake.

Zach turned around and the bright light from the portal he had just walked through illuminated part of the tunnel a few feet from where he was standing. He at once communicated telepathically with the mother-ship requesting permission to close the portal since he didn’t know whether there were still others to follow. A prompt confirmation response was given that he could go ahead since he was the only one to come through it. He closed the portal by snapping his index finger and thumb together on his left hand. Finally, it departed from view to show a fork in the tunnel. Well he would not explore that fork because time was crucial, and he had to join the other intergalatians who were either on the same or had similar missions as he. All intergalactic beings could communicate telepathically regardless of geography. Humans have the same ability but forgotten how to tap into this innate gift of theirs.

The Ancharian Elders advised Zach against taking any unnecessary risks to avoid being caught. But to leave the tunnel, he had to use his powers since he could not just walk through its wall lest that act was spotted by a human or worse, recorded by one. So, he cloaked himself by activating the invisibility shield that was embedded in his mind. This shield was created from water because of its raw power and flexibility vital to maintaining shrouding.

With the veil on, he teleported himself from the tunnel landing on the shore of a beach. This could not be any more perfect. Even though the shore was not crowded, there were a few humans present; some sunbathing, jet skiing, swimming, and exercising. Because of this, Zach kept the invisibility shield in place. He allowed himself to bask in the sun’s rays and got a boost which energized him. The seawater was clear and looked inviting. Zach didn’t learn much about Earth’s water bodies and speculated how it would compare to vast oceans on J’Anchara. The water there was the purest and lightest found anywhere across several galaxies. Ancharians constructed even the most beautiful cities underground from water. Anyway, he would shortly find out as he prepared to navigate the sea.

But as he was about to, something grabbed his attention on his periphery. It was a little girl six years of age and her dog; they were both peering at him. Zach was at a safe distance away from them, but he still became alarmed. “Could they both see him?” He couldn’t tell so he gave a short wave in their direction and made a clown face. The little girl grinned and her dog barked. That was the affirmation he needed. “Who else could see him?” He scanned the beach. No one else was staring his way, so it was only her and her dog. “Phew,” he sighed in relief. Zach was safe because he knew the kid would keep his secret.

It was time for him to take off. Whilst in the tunnel, images and directions of where to find the others and how to reach there were received. So, he needed to get to the specified location urgently. Before he went away, he turned to wave goodbye to the child and her dog. She waved in return and the dog wagged his tail and sat in the sand. He leaped high and far into the sea, then disappeared from view after diving deep. “Ah,” comforted by the sea he retracted the shield, discarded the human spacesuit and reverted to his genuine form. His tail and fins helped to propel him forward faster.

Zach soon arrived at the designated destination but before he materialized out of the sea, having changed back into the avatar, telepathically alerted all to his presence. As if on cue, an Ascended Master came out to greet him. Even though he had just emerged, he didn’t have a speck of water anywhere on him, his clothing dry. The Ascended Master gave Zach a friendly smile and communicated without words as he led the way for Zach to follow.

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