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A political parody set to the tune of 'Gilligan's Island'
The Wreck of the Donny T

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of a man maligned;
who grew into a legend
within his tiny mind.

The Don was an awful businessman,
his casinos all went bust.
The airline and stock company
both crashed into the dust,
they crashed into the dust.

He rose again with golf resorts,
told lies both bold and brash.
And paid for all his real estate
with Mr. Putin’s cash,
he paid with Putin’s cash.

Campaign collusion won the race,
the cabinet soon was tossed.
Ex-staffers started writing books
about their dreadful boss,
he was a dreadful boss.

Bob Mueller started getting tough,
obstruction followed fast.
If not for the scourge of the senate rats,
his tenure could not last,
he surely would not last.

The Vice was a mighty prayin’ man,
not wise but certain sure.
His secret hope was he’d be there
to finish out the term,
he’d finish out the term.

The first mate and the children too,
will do their very worst.
They’ll lie and cheat America,
to crown him Don the 1st,
they’ll crown him Don the 1st.

So this is their tale of conspiracy,
they're here for a long, long con.
They'll overthrow democracy,
and bow before the Don.
All bow before the Don!

The ship of state ran hard aground
‘midst Covid waves grown rough,
re-election hopes looked bleak
The battle would be tough.
Joe Biden would be tough.

His counting showed an early lead,
but Biden came on fast.
Corruption trumped by decency,
the people spoke at last.
Good people spoke at last!

Like nightmare monsters in the dark
he rose for one last gasp.
Inciting insurrection
to prove that he’s an ass,
a big fat orange ass.

So be on guard and stay alert,
this may not be the end.
Beware of base conspiracy,
a troll could rise again.
The troll could rise again.

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