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Rated: E · Other · Comedy · #2192825
A young teachers's attempts to get a flower gets her stuck in a tight spot and needs help.
Two weeks after her tree trunk incident,25 year old School teacher Miss Sinead Wilson was walking around the school grounds and was determined not to get stuck again but her curiosity was about to land her in another tight spot.

Sinead spotted a rabbit hole and went over to have a closer look and looked inside the hole and spotted a red rose, her favourite flower and said to herself,"It's was just unlucky to get stuck in that tree trunk,I can't possibly get stuck again" as she stuck her head inside the hole and after having to use some effort to squeeze in her breasts, her entire top half was soon inside, leaving only her hips, curvy backside and legs sticking out.
Sinead grabbed the flower and tried to pull it out but it didn't seem to want to come free and as the young woman was pulling,a dog snuck through the fence and grabbed the seat of Sinead's new blue dress and began to pull.
"Hey,let go of my dress","I literally just bought it yesterday", said Sinead as she continued to pull the flower as the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard and Sinead's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised that the dog had pulled off the seat of her skirt and exposed her bubble butt, which was barely covered by black panties before the dog went to sleep outside the hole.

Sinead had now pulled out the flower and put it in her hair before taking a selfie which she sent to her boyfriend, Tim before deciding to back out of the hole only to discover to her shock,that she couldn't.
"This isn't good", said Sinead as she placed her hands against the hole and pushed and pushed with all her might but still she didn't move.
"This is ridiculous", said the young woman,"how can I be stuck again" as Sinead tried to push herself free again, with all her might and even put her foot against the hole for more leverage but still she didn't move a single inch.
"Oh, it's no use", said Sinead as she was forced to admit to herself that she was completely and utterly stuck and thought about phoning Tim for help but realised that she never live down the embarrassment of him seeing her in such an embarrassing situation and no one was nearby to hear her calls for help.
"Looks like I'm going to be stuck here awhile", said the humiliated young woman as she decided to browse the internet on her phone.

After more than half an hour, help arrived as Sinead's assistant, Amanda and the school secretary Hannah were walking passed when they spotted Sinead's barely-covered rear end sticking out of the hole and were at first shocked but then burst out laughing at how ridiculous the stuck teacher looked.
"Did you get stuck looking for Wonderland?",joked Hannah as she and Amanda stood behind Sinead.
Ha ha very funny,"said Sinead as she explained the situation to the two and started to laugh herself when she realised how ridiculous she must look before Amanda, said,"Don't worry,Sinead,"we'll pull you out" as she grabbed onto the hips of the stuck teacher while Hannah grabbed Amanda's waist and even the dog woke up and grabbed the hem of Hannah's skirt while Sinead pushed.
"1,2,3 heave said Amanda as the three women and the dog pulled and pushed with all their might but still the hole just refused to let go of Sinead.
"Wow, you really wedged in there tight",said the exhausted Hannah as she then ran off to get more help, leaving Amanda with the dog and Sinead's rear end for company.
Soon, Hannah returned with another teacher at the school,Clara, a thin brunette wearing a short red dress with tights and Emma, the student who asked Sinead to get her phone for her,which led to Sinead getting stuck.

The two newcomers burst out laughing at the sight of Sinead's barely-covered backside sticking to the hole but agreed to help after the situation was explained to them.
A chain was then formed behind Sinead as Amanda pulled Sinead's hips, Hannah pulled Amanda's waist,Clara pulled Hannah's skirt while Emma pulled the hem of Clara's dress and Sinead pushed.
"Heave", said Amanda as the tug of war began.
"OW",that hurts said Sinead as she didn't budge.
"I don't think being pulled out a rabbit hole is supposed to feel nice",joked Hannah.
"Heave", said Amanda as everyone pulled and pushed even harder.
"This isn't going to work,I'm going to be pulled in two", said Sinead as the hole still refused to let her go.
"Come on girls, put your backs into it","heave",said Amanda as everyone pulled and pushed with all their strength and even the dog grabbed the hem of Emma's skirt to help pull.
Suddenly,a POP sound was heard as Sinead was pulled from the hole at last, sending everyone flying backwards into a heap on the grass outside as the dog ran off, having let go of Emma's skirt.
"Thank goodness for that", said Sinead as she hugged everyone and thanked them for pulling her out before everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation as they began inside.

The next day,Sinead came into school and was shocked to the cover of the school newspaper which had the headline,"Miss Sinead's rabbit hole woes" and featured pictures of her barely-covered rear end sticking out of the hole and everyone pulling on her which caused her to burst out laughing and joked,"I always thought my butt would make me famous",as she prepared for her class.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2192825