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by Norman
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Something's wrong most everywhere
How does the eagle soar so high?
What makes the flowers grow?
There are so many more things
About nature I don’t know

Why does the sun come up each morn?
And why do humpbacks sing?
What makes the moon go ‘round the Earth
Why does Saturn have a ring?

Some say it is God’s handiwork
That’s something that I doubt
If God does have a hand in things
He’d better work things out

For something’s wrong most everywhere
Yes, something’s out of tune
He’d better figure out this mess
And He’d better do it soon

There’re hurricanes and mudslides
And global warming too
And earthquakes and forest fires
Just to name a few

But I don’t think there is a god
I watch the nightly news
How can you notice what goes on
And kneel down in your pews?

No god would let this happen
Not one who’s good and fair
A god that’s filled with mercy
Would cradle us with care

Perhaps I’ll watch more PBS
Watch NOVA day and night
They might explain the mysteries
They just might shed some light

They say that we should trust in God
But I don’t think I can
I don’t know if I’ll ever trust
In anyone again

Well, maybe PBS
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