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by mar
Rated: E · Short Story · Family · #2193062
Sucky flash fiction about family, and the toughest things this mother went through.
“Looking at you makes me want to strive for better things.”
That was the second toughest thing I ever heard as a mother. It wrenched my heart to hear the disappointment in my daughter’s voice; The guilt, the melancholy, the fact that I had let her down. People think the parents should disappointed in their kid, not the other way around.
What hurt the most, though, was how those eleven words changed me. Like the one job I had, I couldn’t do correctly. I had failed what was “the most precious thing in my life.”
As always something good can come out of something bad, so in those dark times in my life, I was able to rediscover what family meant.
Your child should be your whole world.
Put your kid before work or your own entertainment.
Don’t forget that in the world, the person you raised is your mark on the world.
When I finally figured these things out, I was ready to apologize to her and let her know that I had sorted out the way I felt. Sure, I wasn’t going to make her change her mind about every time that I let her down or wasn’t there for her, but hopefully, she would stop ghosting me.
Then that was when I heard the toughest thing as a mother:
“Honey, Amber didn’t come home today… but she left some sort of note saying she ran away.”
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