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A man's disbeliefs turns into reality.
“There was nothing there to see. That fool Leon came rushing into the bar last night trying to convince me and Tony that he saw a flying saucer parked down by the river. We went running down to the river like fools but there was nothing there,” said Corliss.

Leon, Corliss and Tony were middle aged friends working for the sanitation department in New York City. They ran across a lot of unusual things in their work day but never anything so bazaar as a flying saucer. Corliss thought Leon was completely off of his rocker and he was possibly using psychedelic drugs.

“Where is Leon now?” said Lizzy, the bar maid.

“He’s probably home under the covers scared to death. He really believed he saw that thing and I’m not so sure that he didn’t,” said Tony.

“Oh, get away from here with that nonsense. We have no flying saucers around here and anyone who thinks so is a damn fool!” said Corliss.
“You need to open your mind Corliss. Do you honestly think that we are the only forms of life in the universe?” said Tony.

“We may not be the only forms of life but I can tell you that Leon didn’t see a flying saucer. He had too much to drink, dropped some acid, or just went completely out of his mind. Now you all can sit here in this bar and discuss flying saucers but I’m finishing my drink and going home. Tony, I really thought you knew better,” said Corliss as he shook his head.

Corliss pulled the collar of his jacket up as he walked towards the river. He wanted to give the area by the river a once over before totally disbelieving the flying saucer story. Leon seemed really shook the night he told the story and Corliss couldn’t get that image of him out of his mind. In all the years he knew him, he’d never seen him that way.

As Corliss approached the river he saw strange lights blinking up ahead. The lights became brighter and brighter and before he knew it, he stood before a circular flying saucer the size of a small building. He watched the flying saucer in shock and before he knew it he was transported onto it and whisked away into the night.

The lights were so bright on the saucer that he couldn’t really make out his surroundings. He held on to what seemed like a rail as it flew at a ridiculous speed. His head felt like it was going to fall off his shoulders and his eyes bulged from the pressure of the flight. He suddenly felt something slam him onto a flat surface and the next thing he knew, he blacked out.

Corliss was kicked from the ship and lay in a heap next to the river. When he came to, the space craft hovered over him for a few seconds then disappeared at the speed of light into the night.

Corliss looked around, hugged himself, and started to scream for about five minutes. He was scared out of his mind and he couldn’t grasp what had just happened. He knew that a flying saucer was recently in his presence but that was all he could gather. He blocked out all of the other details for fear of possibly going insane.

Lizzy, the bar maid suggested that her and Tony take a walk by the river just to see if there were any clues that were missed to back up Leon’s story. Not only did she find the story interesting, she was extremely nosey.

As they walked towards the river Tony heard a slight whimpering. As they got closer to the river the whimpering became louder. Tony walked a little faster and the whimpering turned into to screams of horror. Lizzy caught up with Tony and grabbed his arm. She looked worried but Tony gestured for her to continue walking. As they got closer to the river Tony spotted Corliss sitting by the river in a heap screaming and crying.

Tony ran toward his friend and hugged him. He asked over and over what the problem was but all Corliss said was “There was nothing there to see!”

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