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Good old fashioned incineroar growth (WIP)
Another day, another failed attempt to gain any strength. This didn’t make sense. Cinder has fought a couple hundred wild Pokémon, yet he still hadn’t leveled up yet. Why isn’t this working? he thought to himself. I’ll just try some stronger opponents... he decided. He started the 7 mile hike to find the machamp that ruled the forest, battling more weaker opponents all the while. As the sun began to set, he smiled. He’d made it to the temple that legends said could cure him. He wasn’t worried by the 10 feet tall machamp, seeing it as a new challenge to overcome. Though he was just barely 6 ft tall, cinder had something that machamp could never have. Someone to fight for. Cinders trainer had gotten sick a few weeks ago, and he knew he had to help him. But he needed to get stronger first. That’s why he’d been training the past few days, but to no avail. He wouldn’t give up though. He started fighting the machamp, and his smaller size proved to be an advantage, able to duck and dive through small cracks in the temple they fought. He went for the same move again, the machamp had fallen for it 10 times now, diving through a gap and landing a punch on him. But on his way out, his left foot got stuck. He thought nothing of it, assuming he had just dove wrong, and when the machamp ran over to grab him, it proved to give a better opportunity. He let out a flamethrower and hit machamp square in the chest, stumbling back and falling off the ledge. i... did it... he thought as he collapsed from the pain the machamp caused him.

2 days later, he woke up, and all his injuries were gone. But the entrance had been blocked in! Cinder started moving the boulders out, one by one. It was hard at first, but it kept getting easier and easier. He had moved every rock out of the way, then realizing he could’ve just moved a few to crawl through. He grabbed the roots needed to heal him, and left the temple, taking his time walking back.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2193223