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by Norman
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It shook the old house
The wind, when it came
was more than a breeze;
it swept ‘cross the fields,
bending the trees.

It shook the old house;
timbers rattled and creaked.
They felt the cold drafts
through shutters that leaked.

They peeked out the windows
and hoped it would pass.
A winter storm warning,
how long could it last?

“It’s a blustery day,”
Said Winnie the Pooh
He huddled with Piglet
and Tigger and Roo.

Winnie and his pals
were trying to keep warm,
while Eeyore and Kanga
were out in the storm.

They lit an old lantern
to show them the way.
To guide them along on
this blustery day.

“This storm will soon pass us,”
Said Winnie the Pooh.
“Soon it will be nice out
And less windy too.

“And then we can go play
and have lots of fun;
with Christopher Robbins
we’ll play in the sun.”
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