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Contest only; the line before the last was inspired by best friend Eddy Thalweg
We hang like hangmen upon your clothesline
Yet we are not criminals, we are wood or plastic lil heroes
We are wooden pegs yet rendered immobile
We prevent your laundry from tumbling down
We let your wet clothes tumble dry in the breeze and sun
We look like a caravan of pegs on a line of washing
All standing in tow , however the breeze may blow
We hug your laundry tight in our little embrace
And let sunshine seep through every thread
Whether it be a cloth diaper or big bedspread
Thank us more on a windy day
when your clothes somersault and flap wildly
Yet we hold on to them and do our job as dutiful little pegs
A mundane chore yet we are the sentries of all your fabrics.
So let rain come down in in heavy downpour
But we won't let your beloved washing down.
For we clothespin are pinned to them like a badge of duty .
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