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by K.HBey
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Abandoned by their parents, the orphans girls homeless became the prey of the street.

Rose a girl of seventeenth felt in love with George who was twenty years old,
She was issued from a conservative family and with the guy she was just cold,
He proposed her marriage but her parents refused to marry their daughter,
They thought she was young yet and that the guy wanted just sex and they caught laughter,

But both became angry that their love was not taken seriously,
They decided to found a relationship and a family,
Rose gave birth to two girls and who saw them would believe that they were stars,
Both were shining in their life but their needs grew day by day and their life without resources was just far,

George decided to leave in order to work harsh,
He did not want any more to hear that his wife asked in vain for cash,
Rose bore alone the weight of such hard life,
Her husband afar and she was struggling with fork and knife,
One day, out of her energy she decided to abandon her children to her neighbors,
An old rich couple who loved kids that they found at their last age harbor,

They died two years later and all their resources went to the their legatees,
Girls were an easy prey to the street and submitted to the flails and in their minds were many queries,
The old one a sweaty blond of twelve attracted the evils and prostitution became her pledge,
Dirty money that she earned to feed her young sister who still possessed deciduous teeth and yet was like a real fledge,
Caroline became a woman before her age and life for her was just sex,
She hated males that she considered like machines of sex,

Simone a baby face implored pity from some honest pedestrians,
One day a wealthy man of thirty came and proposed to adopt her and seemed to belong to an honorable strain,
Caroline had tears in her eyes but accepted because she wanted that her sister lead a respectable life,
She needed a warm blanket and a family that offered her a normal life,

Caroline decided to withdraw and prostitution seemed just her past,
She decided to redeem herself and became more religious than in the past,
She started to pursue courses and men were out of her life,
She progressively continued her studies and found a fair work which covered her fees enough,
Caroline became a famous trade leader around the world and got married with the man she loved,
She founded an orphanage and implicated herself in many social goodness activities she loved.

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