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Having your kids all grown is a blessing, sure, but we dads miss the little ones, too.
Father's Day

The kids are grown and now it's plain for everyone to see,
The chocolate sauce that's on my shirt could only come from me,
And the reason that on Saturday I won't play golf 'til noon,
Is I can't kick the habit of enjoying the cartoons.

I keep their baby pictures up, although that may seem strange,
I must admit it's hard for me to reconcile the change;
Is the woman passing by with makeup on and heels,
The toddler in the high chair who was mashing up her meals?

And the subtle scent of aftershave as Bud walked out the door,
Bears no connection to the boy obsessed with dinosaurs.
The kids grow up as they will do as we stand by in pride,
That doesn't mean we must evict our childish, playful side.

So forgive me if I laugh too much,
Or smile at every turn,
But children are great teachers if
we're wise enough to learn.
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