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Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2193562
A young teacher's attempts to get her phone back gets her stuck in an awkward position.
A week after her rabbit hole incident,24 year old school teacher Miss Charlotte Watson was determined to never get stuck again but was about to find her in another tight spot.

Charlotte was walking around the school grounds text her girlfriend Rebecca when she suddenly tripped over a rock and watched in horror as her phone flew out of her hands and into a hole in a nearby tree trunk.
The young woman ran over to the tree trunk and looked at the rather small hole in the middle of the tree trunk and despite her worries about getting stuck due to the hole's small size and her curvy figure, she known that she needed her phone.

Charlotte stuck her head inside the tree trunk and after a struggle due to her breasts,her entire top half was soon inside, leaving only her hips,curvy backside and legs sticking out.
Charlotte grabbed her phone and and took a selfie which she sent to her girlfriend Rebecca before trying to back out of the tree trunk but to her shock, she couldn't.
"That's not a good sign",The young woman placed her hands and pushed and pushed with all her might but she couldn't budge.
"Now concerned and a bit annoyed, Charlotte said,"this is ridiculous,I can't possibly be stuck again", as she then tried to push herself free again,even putting her foot against the tree trunk for more leverage but all her efforts were in vain,the young teacher just refused to budge, she was completely and utterly stuck.
"Oh,it's no use", said Charlotte as she then thought about calling her girlfriend Rebecca for help but realised that she would never live down the embarrassment of her girlfriend seeing her in such a awkward position before calling out,"could someone please help me,I'm stuck", but no one was nearby to hear her voice.
"Looks like I'm going to be stuck here awhile said Charlotte as she looked at the time on her watch and saw that there was 40 minutes until her next lesson and hoped someone would come by to help her as she browsed the internet on her phone.

10 minutes later,a stray dog snuck through the fence and grabbed the seat of Charlotte's short blue skirt and began to pull while the young woman, feeling the sudden tugging and hearing the dog growling began wiggling her rear end and said,"let go of my skirt,I really like this one" but still the dog continued to pull until a RIP sound was heard and Charlotte's face turned beet red with embarrassment as she realised the dog had pulled off the seat of her skirt and exposed her bubble butt which was barely covered by pink panties.
The dog then went to sleep beside the tree trunk as Charlotte said,"this is the most embarrassing day of my life","but at least it can't get any worse"as a bird began pecking at her now exposed her backside and said,"I really have to stop tempting fate."

Meanwhile, Chloe, Charlotte's best friend and assistant was looking for her when she bumped into the school secretary Sarah,a thin brunette wearing a short green dress with a black blazer jacket over it who agreed to help her look.
The two then spotted Charlotte's barely-covered backside sticking out of the tree trunk and burst out laughing and Chloe joked,"is this going to become a regular thing, you getting stuck?" and Sarah joked,"nice panties by the way."
Charlotte began laughing at how ridiculous she must look then explained the entire situation to the two before Chloe grabbed onto her hips while Sarah pulled Chloe's waist and pulled and pulled while Charlotte pushed and pushed and the trio pulled and pushed with all their might but still the tree trunk still refused to let the teacher go.

As the three then thought about what to do next, Sophie,one of Charlotte's students,who helped pull her out of the rabbit hole was walking passed spotted the teacher's situation and began chanting "I see London I see France I see Miss Watson's underpants", as the three adults burst out laughing as Charlotte explained the entire situation to her student before a chain was formed behind her as Chloe pulled Charlotte's hips,Sarah pulling Chloe's waist, Sophie pulled the hem of Sarah's short green dress while Charlotte pushed.
"Everyone heave said Chloe as the tug of war with the tree trunk began.
"OW, that's really hurts", said the young teacher as she didn't budge.
"Heave", said Chloe as everyone pulled and pushed even harder.
"OW, this is ridiculous, you're going to pull me in half", said Charlotte as the tree trunk still refused to let her go.
"Come on girls put your backs into it heave said Chloe as everyone pulled and pushed with all their strength as the bird from earlier grabbed Charlotte's black shirt while the dog grabbed onto the hem of Sophie's skirt and the epic struggle finally ended with a POP sound as Everyone was sent flying backwards into a heap on the grass outside as Charlotte was finally pulled from the tree trunk as the dog let go of Sophie's skirt and ran off.

"Thank goodness for that", said Charlotte as she hugged everyone and thanked them for pulling her out as Sarah decided to let Charlotte have the rest of the day off and made up a story about a doctor appointment with Chloe taking the lesson instead.

Charlotte then went home and Rebecca noticed the hole in her girlfriend's skirt and asked why it was there.
"It's a long story", said Charlotte as she began to laugh while telling the story to Rebecca,who laughed at it as well.
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