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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2193623
A young man embarks on a journey to save his father's Empire.
“Dragon Siu,” said Temos. “The ancient scrolls have led you down here. You are on a new page, in a sea of white.”

“A sea of fire,” said Dragon.

“Dragon Siu,” said Temos. “Your 'clique' at the Deadly Possum has lead you here, to this location.”

“So I'm here. So what?”

“So join D Sector, Dragon Siu. We will make beautiful paintings together. And as the children of this world go to school, or to the park, they will see our great marks and keep an image of these things for all times.”

“What will you pay me, if I join D Sector?” said Dragon, flicking his sword.

“For starters,” said Temos. “Ten thousand gold coins.”


“And if you play your cards right, we'll even make you a judge in the Imperial court.”

“Temos, you flatter me,” said Dragon. “What if I choose to be free of this blackmail, this extortion?”

“Extortion?” said Temos. “Temos does not extort. We merely procreate.”

“How many people will see what I have done here today?”


“How many people will see what I've done, and then ask me why?” said Dragon. “Why did you go back on your principles? Why did you give in to Tensor and the Imperial Kraken?”

“Millions will see what you have done today,” said Temos. “They will purchase your wares. Children will want to be like you. You'll be invited to the great hall of champions. They'll take you touring.”

“What do you believe?” said Dragon. “What is real?”

“You're a poet, are you not?” said Temos.

“Yes, I'm a poet,” said Dragon.

“Listen to this poem, try to see if you can determine its meaning,” said Temos.

Death is from above
The time for ending is near
Drop the music now

“Death is from above,” said Dragon. “I think we both know what that means.”

“The time for ending is near. That means that I have to make a decision; to fulfill the destiny of my fathers or to...languish is solitude.”


“Drop the music now, means...”

Just then, there harps and trumpets sounded from heaven. The sky opened up, and Dragon Siu's army emerged. There was a blinding flash of light that temporarily incapacitated Temos and his crew.

“No!” said Temos

“I am the angel of death,” said Dragon. “Dragon Siu, the man which flew.”

“You will never survive the throng,” said Temos. “You and your armies are no match! We are your service provider!”

“Your...services are no longer needed,” said Dragon. “Now where is the golden chalice that my family owns? The angel of death commands ye.”

“The angel of death, or the angel of vacillating?” said Temos.

“The angel of recompense,” said Dragon, his eyes glowing white.

Just then, an armored hand touched Dragon Siu's right shoulder.

“Dragon Siu, my friend,” said Marcus. “You weren't going to do this without us, were you?”

“It is my destiny,” said Dragon. “You were not to be involved.”

“Yes,” said Marcus. “But ye be my king as well, you know.”

“Where is my brother?” said Dragon. “Where is Duncan?”

“Duncan died in the winter storm,” said Marcus. “He...he wasn't strong enough. He has made it to heaven.”

“It's so hard being the only immortal in a half-human family,” said Dragon.

“Uh, excuse me,” said Temos. “We're right here!”

“We're talking,” said Dragon. “Your lips be not under my boots as of yet, so be they silent.”

“What do you think we are, the concierge?”

“Silence, or my boot will find you as sure as the rains,” said Dragon. “Marcus, what of my mother? How fares she?”

“She's distraught over the loss of your brother,” said Marcus. “She doesn't know how to...support herself.”

“Okay,” said Dragon. “We settle this now.”

“Family Matters?” said Temos.

“This is your trickery, I know it,” said Dragon. “Just as I know that thou hast made overtures toward the enemy of the Implorium, known only as Hell Torment.”

To this, all of Temos' men hissed.

“Thou art the angel of death, art, thou not?” said Temos. “Why art thou so skittish?”

“This ends now,” said Dragon.

There were about thirty feet separating Temos from Dragon Siu. Their armies had gathered on each side, each winged and armed, and armored. Dragon stood there, not knowing if he would ever see his loved ones again. Not knowing how to win. How to be.

There was a feeling that this would be the end, the final battle. That time would end and that with the ending of time the shoots and grasses would flow, signaling that a new era had begun. A new era of prosperity, for another being, another time.

Just then, as the flames of hell engulfed the earth realm, Dragon Siu made the first move. Flying ahead with the might of a thousand angels, he struck a blow onto Temos sword. Then bot armies got involved in the action. Temos and Dragon Siu parried, back and forth, not knowing who would be ultimately victorious.

The music from Heaven fell from the sky, continually, as these armies battles. Finger for finger. Foe for foe.

“What be ye?” said Temos. “The son of a king? Or the king of a sun?”

“I be he,” said Dragon Siu. “He who maketh right, who maketh the sun burn.”

Metal struck metal as they fought. No one in the vicinity was out of action. The war battled on. Soldiers fell, and the engines of war cranked on.

Temos had Dragon Siu on the ground, and he went in for the kill. Dragon moved his neck at just the right moment and swiped at Temos' legs. Temos jumped and got out of the way in time, as Dragon Siu got up.

“Are ye the king's son?” said Temos. “Or are ye the the king's throne?”

“You knowes the answer to that,” said Dragon. “It is written on your face.”

“You will not win,” said Temos. “That is truth.”

They fought until the end. The ultimate victor relinquished.
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