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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Contest · #2193658
Siblings fight over the family estate
Daria sat in the courtroom with a dark, grim look on her face. Her sister Ryan agreed to give their younger brother Oren their family estate as per their dead mother’s request.

Their father, Jamie Wright, owned a house that sat on 100 acres of land in North Carolina. There were stocks and bonds along with several bank accounts so the family was well off.

His wife Anita became in charge of the estate and when she died a few months back, she left everything to their son Oren. Her daughters were not included in anything so Daria challenged her mom’s will.

Daria and her mom Anita were never fond of each other. Anita was jealous of the close relationship that Daria had with her father, and Daria hated how Anita doted on Oren.

Their older sister Ryan went along with everything Oren did. She worshipped him and that made Daria furious. She couldn’t understand how Ryan could agree to turn over the family estate to Oren but she did.
There were questions about Oren’s biological father because he looked so much like a friend of the family named Jonas.
Every time Daria brought up and questioned who Oren’s real father was, Ryan held up her hands and stormed away from her. She wanted no parts of the conversation although deep in her heart, she knew the questions were valid.
Ryan thought it was easier to get along with her siblings. Daria’s thoughts were different because she was a fighter.
Daria watched with gritted teeth as her brother’s and sister’s lawyer tried to shut down her case for sharing the estate. She looked at Ryan with total disgust and out the corner of her eye, she could see Oren smirking.
The judge called for a two hour recess and Daria darted out of the courtroom like a bat out of hell. She had no conversation for her brother or sister so her best bet was to leave quickly.

As she sat on a bench in a corner of the court’s hallway, she noticed Ryan approaching her.
Daria stood up quickly, held her hand up and said, “Nope, not today Ryan. I have nothing to say to you so turn around and go back to your brother!”

“Look, we need to talk Daria. This division has gone far enough. If mom wanted Oren to have control of the estate then so be it!”

“I disagree with you Ryan. Mom thought giving Oren everything was her way of getting back at our cheating father. She knew damn well Oren did not belong to him so she decided to give another man’s son his estate.”

“Daria don’t say that!”

“No Ryan! It’s time you face the fact that Oren is not our full biological brother and I intend to prove it. He will not get my father’s full estate under false pretenses!”

“Let it go Daria. This is not what mom wanted!”

“To hell with what mom wanted. She was an evil, vindictive woman, but I’ll show her. Oren will never see a dime of that money or enjoy the fruits of that land. He is not my father’s child!”

Daria walked away from a shocked Ryan. Her mouth hung open as she watched her baby sister stomp through the halls like a mad woman.
Oren walked over to Ryan and just stared at her. He had never seen his older sister so sad and overwhelmed at the same time.

“Look Oren, we have to discuss this situation. It has gotten out of hand and frankly, I’m sick of it. We all need to meet in a room somewhere and hash this thing out!” said Ryan.

Oren looked at his older sister, turned on his heels, and ran down the hall after Daria.
He caught up with Daria, grabbed her by her arm and said, “We need to talk!”

“There’s nothing to talk about Oren. You’ve made your decision and I’ve made mine. I will not allow you to take control of my father’s estate.”

“Okay. Let’s just talk about this before we make anymore decisions in court.”

Daria and Oren walked back to where Ryan was standing and found an empty room so they could talk.

“I never really wanted this estate but it’s what the court document says Daria.”

“But you don’t have to abide by that document. You know what mom did wasn’t right. There are three sibling involved so how in hell can she just award the whole estate to one?”

“Yeah but like I said, it’s what mom wanted so why question it,” said Oren.

“Because it’s not right and you know it!”

Just then a knock on the door interrupted their discussion. A court officer handed Daria an envelope and told them that court would start in ten minutes.

“What’s in the envelope,” said Ryan.

“Never mind!” answered Daria

“Oren I think we all need to split this estate three ways. It’s the right thing to do,” said Ryan.

“Yeah alright, I’m tired of fighting, it’s settled,” said Oren.

As the three siblings made their way back to the courtroom, Daria opened the envelope and was astonished.
The other two didn’t notice her reaction to the envelope because they were walking in front of her.

When the court proceedings began, Oren asked to drop everything. The judge agreed and everyone started filing out of the courtroom.

Daria grabbed Ryan’s arm and showed her the document. Ryan looked at the document and stared in disbelief. She could not believe what she was seeing.

It turns out; a DNA test was done on all three siblings a while back, only to reveal that Ryan and Daria were not Jamie Wright’s biological children. Oren was the only one that had Jamie Wright’s blood flowing through his veins.

Ryan looked at Daria and said, “No good deed goes unpunished!”

Word Count =981

© Copyright 2019 jonnigrl1 (jonnikhai at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2193658