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The story's very short, read on if you're curious!

         There's an angel named Ariela who especially loves and rules griffins. This angel enjoys loving, raising and teaching griffins how to go to and help children. Ariela teaches the griffins how they can find, approach, heal or love and help children that need them.

"Hello Gryphor. It's time for you to be sent to you first child. He's 6 and his name's Tommy. He has a tough time making friends. He just needs you to love him and be his friend. I need you to go now, he's playing outside in his backyard," said Ariela while watching Gryphor flying off to go see Tommy and squacking good-bye to her.

         Gryphor gently landed a few feet in front of Tommy. "Hello Tommy, my name's Gryphor. I'm a griffin and was sent to you to be your friend by an angel named Ariela. I'm very pleased to meet you and to become your new friend." Said Gryphor while majestically and gracefully bowing to Tommy and flexing his large, beautiful, multi-colored wings.

"Wow! A griffin! You're my favorite Greek mythological creature! I'd love to be your friend! Thanks!" Tommy exclaimed merrily while rapidly jumping up and down in place.

         Gryphor and Tommy continued to spend the entire summer together, talking and playing outside. Tommy also got to go for a ride in the sky too which he loved and enjoyed doing the most with Gryphor. Gryphor was also teaching Tommy how to make a friend by being one to him. When summer was finally over and Tommy had to go back to school, he didn't see Gryphor anymore and felt sad. Tommy remembered what Gryphor taught him and made tons of friends and was happy again. When summer returned, so did Gryphor.

"Tommy, I'm so happy that you have lots of friends now. I must leave you now, my task is done for you. I'll always be here and will be your friend though. Just call out in the sky my name 3 times and I'll be here for you. I love you Tommy and I'll miss you dearly," said Gryphor giving Tommy a hug and then flying away up into the sky until Tommy could no longer see him.

"I love you too, thank you Gryphor!" Tommy said waving up at Gryphor. Gryphor was then sent to his next child by Ariela, but will always have a special place in his heart for Tommy.

The End!

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