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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2193697
Could there be a hint of truth to this story?

         Once upon a time, there existed 12 aliens that only came down to visit Earth just to eat ice-cream. 11 of them were green and the one that was their leader named Jeb was blue. The other 11 were all green and were only called Greeen. There was Greeen 1, Greeen 2, Greeen 3, etc.

"Oh Jeb! When can we go down to Earth to eat some ice-cream again?" asked Greeen 1 eagerly.

"Let's all go now!" exclaimed Jeb to all of the Greeen.

"Yes! Let's go!" said all of the Greeen merrily.

         Jeb and all of the Greeen ate and ate every flavor of ice-cream they could find. The Greeen especially ate green flavored ice-cream and Jeb liked to eat the blue ones. What was interesting about the Greeen and Jeb is after they'd eat a certain color of ice-cream, that same color would glow around them. This happened because that flavor they ate made them happy. Sometimes Jeb would ask all of the Greeen to eat the same flavor of ice-cream as him, and the result was light of all of the colors of ice-cream they ate would appear around all of them at once. Sometimes a child would see and offer a Greeen or Jeb their ice-cream cone. The child would then laugh and would be happy because they would then see the color glow on the Greeen or Jeb. The parent would then wonder how their child ate their ice-cream cone so fast.

         Rumor has it that Jeb and the Greeen have created some odd ice-cream flavors for Earthlings. One of the flavors is Neapolitan. The Greeen and Jeb created it so they could have all 3 flavors to eat at once. Then there's baseball nut at Basking Robins and Moose Traks. They haven't been coming down to Earth for a long time now and the children that use to give them their ice-cream cones wonder where they went. The children believe that they're on their planet making up new flavors for Earth or some kids say they probably opened up their own ice-cream shops. Some kids even think that some of the Greeen might be a kid because they believe one of the Greeen told a kid that they're thinking about making one flavor that has gummy bears in it with bits of all different kinds of chocolate candy bars mixed into it.

~ The End! ~

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