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A few notes about the topic
I'm thinking about this topic as I'm writing a novel that is about how an Asian-American woman becomes entangled with a white American man and how this has affected her career and ultimately, her life. In my own experience (limited as it is), a number of facts are apparent after doing a cursory search on Google. In the 1985's, the percentage of black-white couples were around 10% or so, and the number of asian-white couples were around 2% or so. In the year 2018, I re-checked and found that the black-white couple percentage went up to about 15% and the Asian-white couples were 5%, still at a very low comparison to the black-white couples. I am not sure why Asian woman are still unable to have a stable relationship with white American men. Is it because the Asian makeup seems so vastly different from the American makeup? I mean, the way Asian women look is so different - the upward slant of their eyes which is a feature that one sees in different countries in Asia, their black hair (a good feature in their physical makeup) and their petite stature. In the American white physical makeup, it seems that the regular features of white males (or white females) is the 'ideal' and many of those who are the arbiters of 'genetics' are intent on keeping this ideal a static so that only those who have this in their physiques have to prevail always. No other children of mixed marriages can ever be given the idea that their unique and exotic features will be the new normal. It is this dilemma that women of Asia face today. It is an impossible ideal to find that right man (or in Asian men, right woman) of the white race that can and will give them the permission to mate and produce children. And how are these couple able to keep married? In this culture? How many end up in divorce? Compared to both of the couple being white or Euro-white? Are the children truly denigrated in the schools and playgrounds of the USA or even other First World countries of the UK and Europe? What advantages do these children enjoy? Are they going to be admitted to Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge or Sorbonne? Which country will be kind to these couples? Is it difficult now more than ever to be of a mixed marriage in the current Trumpian atmosphere where there are so very beautiful white-white couples in the society of New York and Washington, D.C.? I'm asking and wondering. I have no real data because I don't go out and interview anyone in this situation. I only know a few who are Asian-White couples. I can't extrapolate that their experience is the same for any other similar couples out in the USA. More on how the mixed race couples might fare along in England, or France, or Germany or Italy, or Spain? Is it easier for these couples to live in the country of the Asian partner more than in the First World country of the white partner? I don't know how Asian-black couples find how life is like for them either. For many minorities, "marrying up" is the key and what is more ideal than marrying a white man or white woman who has all the advantages of a good life in their First World country.

I think my questions need answering because this is important to the psyche of the USA and of those living in similar countries. These other countries might want to sweep this under the rug. But the new generation of children are now at risk and might actually be targeted by those who are militant that the white race must prevail. It is a neo-Nazi type of meme but nobody really wants to talk about it. I am sure this is affecting people in a very covert way. It is a difficult life being of a different race or culture in the USA and even Hispanic women/men are affected - doubly so because these are plagued by the stigma of the 'wall' and the 'illegal immigrant' issue. How difficult is it for them too?

I'm quite sad about this. I hope that this targeting will end. I hope that children of these unions will be delivered from the hostility that hides behind false smiles at the schools, the dentist offices, the urgent care centers, the emergency rooms, the hospitals, the OB-GYN clinics, the police departments and the legal offices and those who have gotten caught into a prison that nobody wants to get stuck in.

Where are those who wish to write about this in their fiction, their screenplays and show this in the media and movies? Do we really need another Hulk Hero movie? Why can't we talk about this instead of the newest Kardashian coupling? Where can we get anyone to get social workers educated in this problem, the police, the lawyers, and the ethics departments in schools, law schools, hospitals etc?

I'm asking.
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