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“ Buhbbbbbbbuh”
Woodrow Wilson was president from 1913 to 1921. He was a Governor of New Jersey and held a PH. D. in political Science. Wilson worked as a professor and scholar in various institutions before being nominated to be the President of Princeton University. Wilson was a progressive or liberal, if you will, and had many ideas I do not subscribe to personally. On the other hand he was a studied and intellectual man of many accomplishments and held a belief in religion that had a large bearing on his life. That being said---------------

Students at Princeton staged a sit in at the office of the schools president this past week to have Wilson’s legacy removed from campus as well as a large portrait of him in the dining hall removed.

There was a scheduled town hall meeting at UNC at Chapel Hill that was invaded by Black Lives Matters. The news report called them students, I have my doubts. The meeting was to last two hours and instead was cut short by over an hour due to the disruptions of this rabble BLM and these ridiculous demands:

*Mandatory class about the historical racial violence of UNC and Chapel Hill, to include staff and administration
*Immediate firing of UNC president, Margaret Spellings, for referring to LGBTQIA+ ( I have no idea what half those letters are meant to refer to) as those lifestyles.

*Abolishment of all standardized testing and the use of it for college admissions.
*Complete dismantling of “Athletics Industrial Complex” and exploitation of black men.
*That university cafeterias, gyms, libraries and class registration be free to all residents of N.C. regardless of admission to school.

*That housing and bathrooms not be separated by gender.
*Housing projects to be collectively owned. (I for one have no idea what this means?)
*Bums are to be allowed to sleep in school public areas. (I know, I know.)
*Abolishment of police both campus and off and implementation of transformative justice practices. (This means no punishment for blacks and basically a free for all) (Thanks Barrack)
*Elimination of all tuition and fees as well as full financial aid for illegals.
*$25/ hr wage for workers at UNC w/ full benefits for both ft and pt staff as well as contract workers. The same for administrators.
*$25/ hr wage for student athletes plus benefits. (I thought we did away with athletic programs at the start of this?)
*Free parking and go passes.
*Language justice for all workers, meaning verbal instructions and communication also made available in writing. (Huh?)
*Mandate to hire convicted felons. (Mommy and Daddy will love shelling out 50k a year to have bums sleeping in the doorways of dorms while felons and rapists prowl the bathrooms!)
*Equitable funding of African American female and gender studies.
*Publish graduation and dropout rates as well as admission data disaggregated by gender, race and class. (I didn’t write this, just passing it on)

*Investigate why blacks and minorities leave UNC. (I assume they mean flunk out?)
* Unlimited free mental health counseling. (Now that one is the first one to make sense yet!)
*Divestment by UNC Management Company from private jails, prisons, detention facilities, Israeli apartheid and coal.
*Cancel UNC contract with Aramark (food service) because they are deeply invested in expansion of “The prison Industrial Complex”, that is criminalizing and caging working class blacks.
*Ban privatizing student stores.
*Cancellation of contracts w/ Nike and VF corps. over deeply exploitive and abusive track records towards workers.
* Mandate the hiring of black counselors.
* Removal of “Silent Sam” monument and all other confederate monuments.
*Removal of campus surveillance cams on white supremacist monuments. (I guess so that they can deface school property without being identified?)

* A restricted space on campus for blacks to meet. (No white allowed huh?)
*A plaque to denigrate William Saunders, a UNC alum and board member honored for his work at UNC. (Allegedly a KKK member)

* Aggressive recruitment of black faculty and faculty of color.
Now doesn’t this list of goodies just tickle you to death?I was so enthralled with this work list I had to see what all the jabber is about. UNC has 10,587 women, 7,763 males, 17,570 undergraduates and the average age is 22. As to the breakdown of campus it follows:

The average starting salary for a graduate is $48,499 and 66% of grads are offered a full time position within six months of graduation.

All of this college unrest is the culmination of Obama and his racially divisive politics. He started the first few weeks in office with his Skippy Gates beer fest and hasn’t stopped yet. This confused and disturbed man spends his time on Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, San Diego and Colorado at the most exclusive golf destinations while his wife jets all over the world with the daughters all at the expense of you and me, his travel costs are multi millions.

You never see him go to the likes of Ferguson and hang with the likes of Mike Brown. He is always surrounded with celebs and multi millionaires. In other words he never practices what he preaches but has caused an awful legacy of racism.
One never sees him invite a white kid of a dead soldier to the White house but he can bring in traitors and have their parents speak in the tongue of Islam to the American people in our house.
He will bring in the 14 year old clock boy who did nothing to deserve the invite. He brings that fool and race baiter Al Sharpton to the White house time and again but berates the American people with his condescending tones and admonishments about how we are un-American for not wanting thousands of refugees that are possibly terrorists in our midst.

This Black Lives Matters is of his making and is a reorganization of his Organizing for America and other offshoots of his campaigns. These students should be damned glad they were accepted to a decent school and shut up!
In the case of Princeton and Wilson, I say who are you foul little pukes to attempt to marginalize a man of great service and intelligence when you have accomplished nothing, including paying for your own tuition! I don’t agree with Wilson but I respect him.

As to UNC, these out of control racists have shown by their very demands that they are petulant children and should have been removed from that meeting as quickly as they came. All this mess with MU and these other schools makes me think we should raise the voting age to 25 and even then a test should be administered to see if you may be mentally ill?
I want to know what an expensive education studying women’s gender studies will produce for our world. The only job they will find with that degree would be to be employed by the government which is exactly the problem. They will increase the bureaucracy and size of government but yet have nothing to really contribute. The likes of someone graduated in women’s studies against Wilson is shameful to think that his legacy would be diminished by such cretins.
Parents get hold and control of your kids and stop coddling them. Make them stand for something other than bullshit. Make then respect our forefathers and tradition. I have heard the nonsense that this country was founded on slavery and that is such crap.

There has always been slavery and to this very day there is a trade in slavery proliferating and prospering but not in this country or at least not our citizens.
Slavery in this country is a minor footnote in history compared to the rest of the world. I never owned any slave, never knew anyone who did and never would have agreed with it.
My heritage is Irish and let me tell you about slavery. The Irish were enslaved by the English far longer than any American slave. Irish arriving here in America were treated no better than slaves but yet managed to work their way through it and prosper.

The Irish are never seeking reparations or social justice that is demented. This African slave trade is still ongoing to this very minute but I never hear about that? Why? Because it does not fit the political agenda of democrats. All these liberals and uneducated children talk a good game but come to the playing field without equipment.

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