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Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2194269
Jimmy's family's living in poverty until his parents do something with his art...

         Once upon a time, there was a boy named Jimmy. He and his family lived on a farm but lived in poverty. They weren't able to sell enough crops for some reason and didn't know enough people that wanted to buy them. They were barely able to make enough money to help pay their bills.

         Jimmy who was 5 had dazzling crystal blue eyes and long, straight blonde hair and loved to play with his food. His parents didn't like him doing this but were happy because at least he ate all of his food. Jimmy would make faces and other works of art out of the food he played with.

"Jimmy, I love that one!" We should give you a few canvases to sell your art at our local art fair tomorrow. I bet we'd make lots of money!" exclaimed his Father Jim enthusiastically.

"Yes Jimmy. Let's go buy some. I have saved up just enough money to be able to buy you at least 2 dozen canvases and rubber cement glue. Let's go now everyone," said his Mother named Sherry.

"Sounds good! I can't wait to do my art, Mom!" exclaimed Jimmy happily.

         Everyone went to the art store and Sherry bought the 2 dozen canvases and the rubber cement glue. Jim had some extra money saved up too. He bought and extra dozen of canvases and another rubber cement glue bottle.

         When everyone got home, they all went out to pick carrots, turnips and sliced onions so he could use them as a circle for his art. Then, they washed and dried them and let Jimmy have them to use to do his art with. His parents also gave him some dried kidney beans and sunflower seeds. Then Jimmy got right to work.

         After working for 5 hours straight, Jimmy finally finished doing at least 20 of his works of food art. He was all excited about this. He then went over to his parents that were watching t.v. and asked them to come see his art.

"Mom! Dad! Come see my art! I only got a few more left to do!" Jimmy said excitedly.

"They look wonderful Jimmy!" said Jim merrily.

"I love them Jimmy!" Sherry said while winking and smiling at Jimmy.

         Jimmy and his parents went to the art fair the next day. They not only sold all of his art, they sold more of their vegetables and made more customers visit their farm. The people also asked Jimmy to make at least up to 1,000 more and wanted him to return next year with more of his art. Jimmy's parents made enough money to buy all of the canvases Jimmy needed plus they could pay for their bills for the next few months. Jim and Sherry also now made the food art too. Now their family's wealthy and they all lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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