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Why is Henry's coffee and cake magical? Read on to find out!

         There was once a wizard named Henry who loved to drink coffee. The problem was, was that he was lonely! So, he made his coffee magical! He opened up a bar and only sold his coffee and cake at it to the townspeople.

"Henry, I love you and your coffee! Want to be friends? I'd also love to be one of your servers too," said a beautiful long, straight, blond haired and emerald green eyed woman who wore a nice purple dress.

"Why yes! Of course you can! What may I ask is your name?" said Henry with enthusiasm.

"Thank you! My name is Helena. I'm happy now to work for you and be your friend! When can I start?" Helena asked excitedly.

"Today if you like, thanks!" said Henry while giving Helena an apron to wear for her uniform and winking at her.

"Thanks! I'll start now!" said Helena cheerfully while putting on her apron.

         Henry continued to offer coffee and cake to people, and now he kept making so many friends, he started wondering how he was going to handle having all of them! So, he chose to lessen his magic he put in the coffee and cake. But, the people still had the same effect, they still asked if they could be his friend. He left out the magic and it seemed to stop people from asking to be his friend now.

"Thank the Gods this got resolved now! What am I going to do with all of these people that are my friends now though?!" Henry asked himself while raising an eyebrow.

"Why not offer them the normal coffee and cake and throw a free party here to see which ones will truly remain being your friend?" suggested Helena.

"That's a wonderful idea Helena, thanks! Let's offer them this for tomorrow night. Will you help me prepare the cake?" asked Henry eagerly.

"Yes! Of course! It's my pleasure!" said Helena merrily.

         Henry and Helena baked tons of cake and told all of the towns people about tomorrow's free party that will be offered at his bar. Everyone was delighted and and they all said yes. Henry also told them that he'd give their children milk and cake too if they'd bring them, and the people said yes.

         Henry and Helena served the normal cake, coffee and milk to the towns people's children. They found out that all of them still wanted to be Henry's friend. Henry was surprised at this!

"Henry, this just means that it's you the people like, it's not the magic!" said Helena smiling and winking at Henry.

"You're right! You're exactly right Helena! I love you! Thank you for all of your help!" said Henry while giving some cake and coffee to her for her break.

"You're welcome Henry! I love you too!" said Helena sipping her coffee.

         Henry and Helena eventually got married. They both made tons of friends with the townspeople too. They even allowed the towns people's children to be there too and also made friends with them. Henry and Helena lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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