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Kiyoteru is craving some excitement. Luckily his coworkers help in a small yet huge way.
It was night in the city of Tokyo, even if many were asleep people were still up. Rather it be work, partying, or other....active endeavors.

One man in particular was inside of a apartment, however not only was this apartment not his. But he wasn't exactly in the apartment. He was in a warm and tight tunnel, strange red walls of flesh squeezing him as he groaned with a thick blush on his face.

During the day, Hiyama Kiyoteru was a ordinary school teacher. He taught literature and enjoyed playing music for his class. He was a well liked teacher as he tried to help everyone and loved making people smile. During the past week however, Kiyoteru hadn't been feeling as excited as he usually was for teaching.

Despite his well liked character Kiyoteru was still one of many single men. Having a normal and quite dull home life did often hinder his mood as he craved intimacy and affection.

"Alright everyone, remember to finish your reports by monday!"


Kiyoteru sighed as his students left for the day. He couldn't help but feel guilty as many of his students picked up on his lackluster teaching today. Usually his class was bustling with life but all he could offer his students was simple note taking.

"You seem down."

The brunette man suddenly snapped out of his stupor as a familar voice called out. Looking to the door, Kiyoteru saw a coworker of his Gakupo Kamui a tall man with waist length purple hair tied up in a ponytail. Gakupo was wearing a suit and his signature purple loafers, leaning against the door as he smiled at Kiyoteru.

"A-Ah Gakupo! I'm sorry, I guess I'm just filling a little ill.", Kiyoteru tried to compose himself as he gathered his items. However as he was about to pass Gakupo, Kiyoteru found the purple haired man blocking him.

"Come now, we both know that isn't the reason for you dampened attitude.", Gakupo lifted up the chin of the teacher just reaching chest, his mouth formed a sly grin as he caught the faintest blush.

"Now now Gakupo don't tease him.", from over the broad shoulder of Gakupo appeared another familar face.

Kaito Shion was another of Kiyoteru's coworkers. He taught music and was greatly admired for his fun and caring attitude. His bright blue hair went well with his white jacket and black trousers, while wearing his blue sneakers.

Gakupo pouted as he moved to allow Kiyoteru to pass. "Ne come on love, I was just about to ask him!"

Kiyoteru looked in confusion between the two, Gakupo and Kaito were a official couple. On a night like they were bound to stick around so why spend time chatting with their single friend?

Kaito hummed as he smiled at the shorter male. "So Kiyoteru me and Gakupo came over as....we wanted to ask you to join us tonight.

Kiyoteru frowned. "Oh um thank you for asking, but I don't really drink-"

Gakupo chuckled. "No not that, we wanted to invite you to a night of love~"

The teacher was confused but couldn't help but think of what that phrase meant. "D-does that mean....you guys and me.."

Kaito flushed and rubbed the back of his head. "Well yeah, if there's ever a time when me or Gakupo are stressed we find that engaging in a night of passion helps us unwind. We thought maybe since you were single and have been looking down we could help you by....letting you join us."

Kiyoteru felt his face heat up, all this was coming down super fast. He couldn't help but think of the numerous beach pictures Kaito showed around, him and Gakupo in speedos showing their athletic bodies. A strange curiosity of experiencing the pleasures of intercourse drawed him to nod.

"Yes...I'll join you!"

The next hour had been a blur, Kiyoteru was being lead to the shared apartment of the two. Kaito excitedly rambled about the events yet to come, Gakupo walked ahead and seem to "unconsciously" swing his hips to bounce his firm butt being squeezed by his suit pants.

Kiyoteru sat on the bed next to Kaito, the blue haired man seem to be conflicted about something. "Is something wrong Kaito?"

The music blue head suddenly reached over to his bed side, picking up a sport drink of sorts and grew a small smile. "You see Kiyoteru, a while back me and Gakupo began experimenting with different ways to reach climax. We soon saw a ad for a drink that could...shrink someone down."

The brunette looked in shock at Kaito, he had heard rumors about such a drink. He'd be embarrassed to admit he found it when looking up different types of ways to spice up intercourse. Kaito suddenly put the drink down and made Kiyoteru blush as he stripped out of his shirt, exposing his six pack and firm pecs.

"What I'm asking is...to you wanna try it. Shrinking that is."

Kiyoteru felt surprise hit him like a truck. Not only was he offered a chance to join his coworkers in sex but now he was offered the chance to view it as big as a insect.

"Yeah I'll try it."

Kaito seem to perk up at his answer as he handed the drink to him. Kiyoteru slowly took a sip and strangely tasted a pomegranate like taste. A slight dizziness came over him and the feeling of the blanket moving underneath him. Looking up as a shadow suddenly covered him, Kiyoteru blushed as Kaito was now looming his muscled torso over like a mountain.

The haired man reached down and scooped up the inch tall man in his palm, finding him fitting right in the center. Kaito felt his crotch started to push against the black trousers. Having a tiny human in your palm fueled the sense of power felt by someone.

Gakupo soon entered the room, wearing only a fundoshi. His thick thighs rested below the outline created of his manhood. His long purple hair had been taken down, cascading down his toned arms and bulky muscles. Walking over, Gakupo smirked sexually as he leaned his handsome face down to the tiny in his lover's palm.

"Ah I see you wanted to experience the full passion Kiyoteru?"

Kiyoteru blushed as the deep words made his pants feel even tighter. Gakupo quirked an eyebrow amused.

"You know, when people make love they are usually nude~"

The brunette tiny nodded and quickly undressed himself, shivering as he felt his rump touch Kaito's warm palm. Kaito chuckled as he leaned forward and pressed his lips to Gakupo's, Kiyoteru watched in awe as the two giants clashed their tongues clash with each other, their pecs pressed together and sweat began to fall. Kaito pulled back, a trail of saliva following.

"Now what did I say about teasing him? I think it's time we give Kiyoteru his ride.", Kaito then placed Kiyoteru on the bed, pulling at the waistband on his pants Kaito pulled both his pants and boxers down.

With a bush of blue hair came Kaito's penis, nearly erect as it sat on his balls. Gakupo soon followed suit, pulling down his minimal clothing showed his cock already throbbing, twitching as Kaito reached over and squeezed one of Gakupo's large cheeks.

Gakupo let out a small moan before licking his lips, looking down at Kiyoteru his eyes showed lust. "You ready to experience some love Kiyoteru?"

Furious nodding was his reply as Gakupo reached down and plucked him up. Soon Kiyoteru found himself put on the pink tip of Gakupo's penis, clinging on as Gakupo sat down on the bed. Kaito soon faced Gakupo with his back, Kiyoteru couldn't help but stare at the bluenette's toned back and firm ass hanging over.

The purple haired man then reached under Kaito and lifted him up from underneath his thighs. Kaito's legs spread along with his ass cheeks. Kiyoteru knew the next destination and clutched the warm musky muscle as Kaito's dark crack started to lower.

Kaito bit his lip as he felt Gakupo's penis tip push up against his hole. He also felt a small body being pressed into the ring of his asshole, Kaito soon let out a hot moan as he felt Gakupo start to push apart his anal walls, inserting his hot muscle.

Kiyoteru let out muffled moans as he felt Kaito's anal walls squeezing him and Gakupo's penis. Loud SQUELCHES echoed in the hot tunnel as Gakupo began pushing his cock back and forth inside of Kaito.

Gakupo clenched his teeth as he pumped his penis in and out of Kaito. He could feel Kiyoteru somewhat humping his tip as he loosened Kaito's hole. Ecstasy began to tingle his nerves as he lifted up and down again to push his cock into the anal chamber.

"F-fuck Kaito your tight!"

Kaito sweated as he felt his hole being opened then closed only for Kaito to push his cock in again. He felt the purplenette's balls slapping against his own which made his penis erect even more.

"Gak-Gakupo! I'm cumming!"

Gakupo let out a moan as pushed once more. "Ack! Me too, Kiyoteru get ready!"

With a shout, Gakupo felt his load burst from his cock. Kaito moaned as he felt the cum filled his anal chamber before releasing a stream onto his stomach as well. Kiyoteru moaned and soon found a ocean of semen acting like oil as he began slipping from Gakupo's twitching penis.

Pulling out of Kaito, Gakupo fell onto the bed with his lover following. The long haired man pulled Kaito to his chest as he panted, Kaito's wet cock pressed to his own. Gakupo kissed Kaito before noticing him still panting.

"Kaito your still panting?"

Kaito smiled as he closed his eyes and hummed. "He's....still in there."

Gakupo chuckled as he slowly menovered Kaito, having him sit his rump on the purplenette's face. "Don't worry, I'll get him."

Kaito moaned as he felt Gakupo starting to lick at his asshole once again, cum began dripping out as Gakupo tenderized his asshole. Gakupo began licking up his cum from Kaito's anal chambers. Soon as he began sloshing the cum in his mouth he felt a small body.

The two lovers soon layed down besides each other. Gakupo pulled Kiyoteru out of his mouth before throwing his head back and swallowing his seed.

Kiyoteru panted as Gakupo set him on his firm pec. "So Kiyoteru, feeling better?"


Note: Also posted on coiledfist account, if you ever come across it know that I posted it there.
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