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by Tess
Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #2194427
A poem of a past love during a time when we were at a crossroads

I never want to hurt you.
All I want to do is love you.
With all my heart.
It's hard to express that to you,
We are together less than we are apart,
But I'm learning.

I'm learning all the pathways of your heart.
Sometimes I get lost trying to find
the reasoning of your mind.
I know I'll learn in time.
Please be patient.

We are at a disadvantage.
I'm here
You're there,
But our hearts are together.
Are we strong enough to fight even the worst of weather?
When we're mad at each other,
Missing each other,
Misunderstanding each other.
Can we trust that we won't hurt each other?
Never stop loving each other
No matter what?

I think so,
But it's up to us to be strong.
The weekends are long.
The nights are longer.
Waiting to see you again feels like an eternity,
But to me it's worth it.

For that feeling I get in my stomach when I'm about to see you.
The way my heart beats fast when I'm hugging and kissing you.
The smile on my face that won't go away.
I want you to stay.
Don't go.

I Love You.
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