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A short story for the 4th of July.

         John grew up spending his allowance on fireworks to watch them. He mostly enjoyed seeing their colors and patterns. The one called a willow's John's favorite as well as the crossette. (Check out this link that shows different fireworks with their names, https://www.pbs.org/a-capitol-fourth/fireworks-fun/firework-names/). John not only watched the fireworks, he drew them in his sketch book to come up with new patterns for people to see.

         When John became 18, he had thousands of new firework sketches and went to college to study pyrotechnics and chemistry to even further understand fireworks. He also volunteered lighting them for his town for the 4th of July. Now John even had experience learning how to properly light them too.

"Hi, I'm John. I went to college to study pyrotechnics, I can light fireworks, I can name all of them and have thousands of sketches for new ideas to create them. Can I show you them and my college credits and degree?" John said eagerly to a professional pyrotechnic that develops and produces fireworks as his career.

"Yes John, I would love to see your ideas. My name is Phil. I've been doing this for the company for ten years," said Phil while intently looking at John's sketches that were also in color with impressed eyes.

"Thank you Mr. Phil! If you have any questions, you may ask them," said John excitedly.

"Well John! I am quite impressed! What is this one called? It's tough for me to pronounce. I like how it can form five giant chrysanthemums all at once in different areas!" Phil exclaimed curiously.

"That's pronounced the same way with just one word added to the existing name, penta-chrysanthemums. It can also form in the shape of a pentagon which is why I used the word penta in it," said John feeling happy and confident about one of his best firework ideas.

"I love your ideas! I also love your tree willow one and how it can form a type of tree trunk under the willow part. The triple Haley's comet one's great too. I'm hiring you today! Welcome aboard! You can continue to work on more new sketches today. I'm going to take your sketch book and work on producing all of your ideas. Here's a new sketch book you can have and use now in its place. You can also now design them on a 3-D modeling art program on one of our computers too," said Phil while directing John to his new office desk.

"Thank you Mr. Phil. I'll get to work right away! I'll use the computer too," said John anxiously.

         John worked really hard on the computer for two weeks. He designed at least a thousand more new firework ideas and animated them too. He made one called the 4th of July Wonder. It was red, white and blue with many golden stars mixed into it. Phil saw all of John's new designs and included John's 4th of July Wonder firework.

         When the 4th of July came, Phil only used all of John's new firework ideas including the ones from the sketch book he took. Everyone was happy and was highly impressed. Everyone loved John's 4th of July Wonder at the end of the show. After that, John became the vice president of Phil's company. John became a millionaire and continued creating millions of new firework ideas and lived a great life.

~ The End! ~

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