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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2194819
A short story about two Pleiadian hybrid kids who have the ability to heal sick children.

         Dotti and her brother, Jonni are Pleiadian hybrid children. Dotti is eight and Jonni is seven. Dotti has long, straight, white hair, small black, circular eyes, light pink skin and wears a purple and white dress. Jonni has short, white hair, small, circular black eyes, blue skin and wears a blue white shirt with blue jeans.

         Both children are healers. Dotti heals with light violet colored flowers with a white star in the middle of them, and other light violet hued flowers without a white star. Jonni heals the same way, his flowers are the same but his are blue. They get their flowers from their Pleiadian planet we call Maia and they use some normal ones from on Earth too.

         Dotti just finished choosing her musical, healing, light violet, white star flowers, and so did Jonni via his blue star musical ones. They also gathered the Earth flower ones. Then they both volunteered as a candy striper for sick children at a near by hospital.

"Hi, I'm Dotti. It's nice to meet you, may I ask what your name is? What's your favorite color? Tell me what you like," said Dotti cheerfully.

"I'm Sarah. I'm 6. My favorite color is purple. I love puppies! I have one at home named Jake. What's your favorite color? What do you like?" asked Sarah while sitting up in bed happy now.

"My favorite color's purple too. I also love puppies and kittens. Another thing I like to do is help make sick children better. May I ask what's wrong? asked Dotti curiously, while getting the healing flowers she was holding behind her back ready to give to Sarah.

"I need to get my tonsils taken out," Sarah said unhappily.

"That's ok Sarah. I have flowers to give to you. I just need you to smell them for me. I'm going to then say something in my own language, then you'll be better again, is this ok?" asked Dotti seriously and handing Sarah all of the flowers.

"Yes! Thank you! I love how these flowers sound!" exclaimed Sarah while smelling the light, violet, white star flowers and listening to their awesome, chimey music.

"Toi sher shei to si love tui," said Dotti in her own language.

"Wow! I feel better! Thank you Dotti!" exclaimed Sarah.

"You're welcome Sarah," said Dotti then hugging Sarah.

         Dotti and Sarah then said good-bye. After that, the doctor came in to Sarah's room to take her to get an X-ray of her tonsils to be sure if she really needed to have surgery or not on her tonsils. When the result came back, it was completely fine. The doctor got his light tool and looked back into Sarah's throat at her tonsils. Her tonsils were no longer big and told her parents that she somehow got better.

"It's a miracle!" exclaimed Jody, Sarah's Mom.

"Yes it is!" exclaimed Sarah's Dad, Sam.

         Sarah went home and was happy. She drew and colored Dotti many times. Her parents asked her who it was she kept drawing and coloring. Sarah told them that she was her friend she met at the hospital and how she healed her but they didn't believe her, they thought that it was just something she saw from her high fever.

         Meanwhile, Jonni was with a boy named Ted. Ted liked cars, is 6 and his favorite color is blue. Ted has a pneumonia.

"I'm sorry...cough...about my voice Jonni. Cough, cough, cough," said Ted miserably.

"It's ok Ted," said Jonni.

         All of the sudden, Ted passed out. Jonni didn't understand this but knew that something was wrong. Jonni got the flowers and held the singing Pleiadian white star, blue flowers near Ted's nose. He then layed them on Ted's chest."

"Toi sher shei to si love tui," said Jonni loudly. Nothing happened. So, Jonni said it again.

"Toi sher shei to si love tui," said Jonni again. Still, same thing, nothing happened and Ted still remained passed out.

         Finally, Ted started to wake up. He sat up in bed, but now he's confused.

"Where am I? What happened?" asked Ted worried.

"You're ok, you're at the hospital. Everything's alright," said Jonni.

"I'm better! My voice is great! I no longer have to cough or feel sick!" said Ted happily.

"Yes, you're better Ted. I have to go now to help the other children. Take care Ted," Jonni said while waving good-bye to Ted.

"Thank you Jonni. Good-bye!" said Ted waving to Jonni.

         The doctor soon after that came in to take Ted's temperature and listen to his chest. The doctor was surprised! Ted no longer had a fever and his chest sounded clear again.

"It's a miracle! You're better Ted! You're going home today!" exclaimed Dr. Hazell.

"I'm happy! Thank you Dr. Hazell!" said Ted merrily.

         Jonni and Dotti continued helping all of the sick children like this at all of the hospitals in America. They even did this at hospitals in all of the other countries too. All of the sick children got to go home. The hospital doctors and nurses just thought that it was a miracle, but one janitor at the first hospital they were at knew that it was Dotti and Jonni that healed all of them. Peter the janitor heard and saw everything when he was cleaning their rooms.

~ The End! ~

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2194819