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by Bella
Rated: E · Fiction · Relationship · #2194842
Loving your past path is normal, but it can be time to move on if you get too attached.
"Come on!", little Emma tugged on Lex's wool jumper. Mia's family loved Lex, she was already such a huge part of the family. Lex had often wondered how she had come to be so lucky, to have it all. A cosy cottage home, a loving girlfriend, an accepting family ; she had only just left university, and already her life was set out on it's path. She loved it, every turn and twist.
Mia turned to her, " Lets have a competition!" she giggled at her own suggestion. Lex hummed, thinking of what she could do to make it more exciting. " Sure, but if I win, I get to pick your Halloween costume!" she announced.
" No!" yelled Mia " I already picked! Plus I'd just win anyway!" she replied.
" You're so petty,"
" Damn right!"
" Huh?"
" Damn right I'm pretty!"
" Mia, I said you're petty, although yes, you are pretty," Lex said, putting her arm over Mia. They both laughed, strolling down the path. Mia suddenly ran off the path, going to look at a pumpkin. Lex realised she had gone off the path and she...

… came back to reality. She had loved her life, the path of it. All the twists and turns, the cosy cottage on the outskirts of town, she was working in a bakery, her dream a reality. Reality. The reality was now she was alone, in a double bed. Alone in a cottage for two. Mia had left the path, her path. It had been three years since the break up and she still saw her in dreams, and nightmares. Sometimes she couldn't tell which one it was.

Her phone rung, she went to pick it up. The screen flashing to the default song, she read the name.. ' Flora'. She didn't have to be alone.
Maybe she could move on, Mia was just a dream now, distant, past tense.
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