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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2195108
A short story about a boy named Tim who makes the discovery of a lifetime.
         There was once a starfish that had eight arms. With its arms it held eight golden yellow colored pearls. It's center had a golden yellow sun symbol on it. Its arms were parma violet and it also had blue on it too in between each of them.

         An alien race put these starfish into mankind's ocean, but only the mer-folk seem to know of them. Why does the alien race consider these alien starfish to be special and like them? They emit golden yellow light as well as heat. These starfish can empower all kinds of things with the golden yellow light.

         Eight year old Tim was looking into a small tide pool. He was sitting near and saw something glowing a golden yellow color which caught his eye. He was curious and put his hand into the tide pool to pick it up.

"Wow! What's this?! A glowing starfish! It's holding eight golden yellow pearls! Neat!" exclaimed Tim. Tim had great love and respect for all beings, so he left the pearls in the starfish's arms alone. But, he touched one of the pearls gently with one of his fingers.

"You look really neat! I'm going to put you back now. Thanks for letting me see you," said Tim while gently putting the starfish back into the tide pool.

         All of the sudden, a peach colored, large black eyed being appeared and stood right by Tim and the tide pool. He reached into the tide pool and took the starfish. He too touched one of the golden yellow pearls, then put the alien starfish back into the tide pool.

"Tim, at first you'll be confused about your gift. It's from the starfish. Never be afraid of using your gift. Use your gift pure of heart only." said the alien, then he disappeared after he nodded at Tim to say good-bye.

         Tim discovered he could hear other people's thoughts. This included the thoughts of his cat and dog. He even understood and heard insects!

"Wow! I wonder why this spider's afraid of me? I love zebra jumping spiders," said Tim while continuing to hold the female jumping spider in his right hand.

"I'm Tim. I won't hurt you, I love you," said Tim seeing if he could talk back to the jumping spider or not.

"I trust you. I still wanted to be careful of you. I love you too," said the zebra jumping spider while intelligently staring up at Tim.

"Wonderful! I'll let you go. I love and care about you," said Tim letting her go now.

         Tim was happy that he already now knew what his gift was and that he knew how to use it. The alien came back down to him and told him that he was using his gift correctly. Tim continued to use his gift pure of heart now for the rest of his life. The starfish glowed the day Tim discovered it because it knew that he could give Tim that gift.

~ The end! ~

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2195108