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A short story about a mysterious black horse with white stars on its body.
         There was once a mysterious black horse with small patches of fur all over her body that resembled a white seven pointed star. This horse's mane and tail were pure white and its hooves were black too. It had beautiful sapphire blue eyes. A 30 year old, short blonde hair, blue eyed cowboy named Jeremy who lived in Texas heard tales and rumors about this horse and it was every cowboy's dream to be able to at least get a glimpse of this magical horse. They said something magical would happen if you could tame this horse just long enough to be able to ride it.

"Well Buddy, I'm going to go out today to see if I can find that magical horse everyone's been talking about in town again. I'd let you come but I'm going by horse. Don't want you to get lost so you got to stay home now, sorry Buddy," said Jeremy while getting on Harly his pure white mustang horse.

         Jeremy was riding all around the area between the ranches of the other cowboy's but seen and heard nothing from the magical horse. Jeremy was getting tired now and he knew that Harly was becoming tired too. He also knew that by now he should return to feed Buddy his golden retriever.

"Well Harly, another unsuccessful day. Let's go home to eat and try again tomorrow. I heard it's not easy finding this horse anyway," said Jeremy disappointed. He went home to feed Harly, Buddy and himself. All of the sudden, there was a secondary neighing coming from somewhere outside of Jeremy's ranch that wasn't from Harly.

"What's that I wonder?" asked Jeremy curiously while stopping what he was doing and looked outside.

         It was the magical horse of all things! Jeremy jumped right outside to try to capture the horse. He was unsuccessful though, the horse was too fast.

"Darn it! What a shame! He was right there too! It was him! He had the white star fur patches all over him too! I'll just have to try again looking for him tomorrow. Oh well," said Jeremy disappointed.

         Not long after Jeremy went to bed for the night, he suddenly heard neighing outside that wasn't from Harly. Jeremy sprung out of bed to look out of his window near Harly. He saw the horse rubbing its nose on Harly's.

"It must be a female! Wow! Wait until I tell the towns people about this! But, before I do any of that I'm going to catch and tame her," said Jeremy while grabbing his lasso and creeping outside to try to capture her. She was too quick for him and his lasso so she rode away neighing instead.

"Darn! Not again! I'll stay up the rest of the night and see if I can get her by surprise," said Jeremy now hiding in a spot outside where Harly was.

         To Jeremy's surprise, she didn't return again that night. He was disappointed. He finally gave up and went back into the house to sleep around 4:00 a.m., but within an hour, he was awakened by her neighing again. Jeremy attempted to capture her and finally succeeded!

"I got ya girl! Whooooahhhh! It's ok girl! It's ok girl!" exclaimed Jeremy. He had a special gift with horses including wild ones to almost instantly calm them down. None of the other cowboy's knew how he could do this but it remained a mystery to them.

         Jeremy finally got to mount the beautiful black horse. "I'll call you Midnight. You sure are a beauty! Thanks girl for finally letting me ride you! I love you girl!" exclaimed Jeremy excitedly.

         Not long after Jeremy got on Midnight, she gently took off into the sky. Jeremy and her were airborn! Jeremy was surprised!

"Wow and whoa girl, whooooah! This is amazing! You are a magical horse!" exclaimed Jeremy nervously.

         Suddenly, she kept flying higher and higher until they ended up coming to another planet. She took him to her world! When they landed it was in the middle of a whole colony of horses that looked just like her! Jeremy was fascinated and happy to be able to see all of this!

"Thank you girl! Is this your family? I bet it is! Wow! I love them and this thank you so much!" Jeremy said merrily.

         After a short while, they returned to Earth again to Jeremy's ranch. Jeremy let her go and she took interest in Harly. Jeremy let them be together. Jeremy never told the towns people about her because he loved and respected her and her family too much. He didn't want anyone harming her or her family. Over time, she became pregnant and gave birth to a handsome young male Jeremy named Blaze. Eventually, Midnight and Blaze went home again, but they always came back to visit since they loved Harly and Jeremy.

~ The End! ~

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