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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2195413
A short story about two brother bears that are opposites about everything.
         Once upon a time there were two brothers, one was named Bud the other was Buddy. Bud and Buddy liked different things. Bud Liked green and Buddy liked blue. Bud liked racing and Buddy liked baseball.

"Bud, why don't we watch some baseball today instead of racing on t.v.? We're always watching what you want to watch. I'd like to watch what I want too you know," said Buddy to Bud while getting the remote controller changing the channel to baseball.

"Mom! I was watching racing! Buddy changed the channel on me! Mom!" exclaimed Bud upset.

"Now, I thought I told you both to share. Bud, watch your racing for five more minutes then let Buddy watch some baseball, ok? Please don't argue and fight you two!" said Cheryl their Mother.

"Ok Mom," said Bud.

"Yes Mom," said Buddy.

         After five minutes, Buddy said, "It's my turn now to watch baseball Bud. Please let me watch some now. Mom said I could ok?" said Buddy politely to Bud.

"Ok Buddy. Here's the remote. Can I watch racing in five minutes though again?" asked Bud kindly to Buddy.

"Yes, but why don't you try liking baseball? Maybe you'll change your mind and you'll like waching it. Just try and I'll turn on your racing again if you don't like it and will try liking to watch racing too," said Buddy knowning that he had a great idea.

"Ok, I'll try to like baseball Buddy," said Bud while sitting to watch some of it with Buddy.

         Bud tried to like baseball but still didn't like it. "Buddy, I still don't like to watch baseball. Can I watch racing now please? I really wanted to see who wins the race," said Bud kindly to Buddy hoping that he'll say yes.

"Mom! I want to see who wins the game and so do Bud. It's the end in both of our games. What do we do?" asked Buddy a little upset.

"Just turn off the t.v. now. I'll listen to the radio and will find out who wins on both of your sports games for you instead. I want you two to try to find a way to like what the other doesn't like. Why not go outside and go to the park and play together?" said Cheryl while giving them a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie to take with them.

"Yes Mom," Buddy said while grabbing his baseball hat.

"Yes Mom," Bud said while taking a bite of her homemade cookie.

         Bud and Buddy went to the park together. Bud was wearing all green with his racing shorts and a green hat and Buddy was wearing all blue with his baseball hat. Both of them liked climbing on a bar together so they went on it and climbed on it by each other.

"Well Bud, Mom asked us to try to find a way to like what the other doesn't like. I know that you like green and I like blue. I have an idea on how we can try to solve this. Let's trade shoes. You wear mine which are blue and I'll put on yours which are green. Then let's see if we like the other's color or not. It's a boy's color so I don't see why we wouldn't not like it anyway," said Buddy to Bud while taking off his shoes to give to him.

"That's a great idea! I like that idea Buddy! Maybe I'll like blue by the end of the day," said Buddy while taking off his shoes and giving them to Buddy to put on.

         After a while, Bud and Buddy decided to go home and get Buddy's baseball bat, glove and ball. They went to the baseball field to play some baseball. Bud also brought his cell phone to let Buddy play a racing game from on his cell phone.

"Buddy, here, try my racing game on my cell phone, I bet you'll like it. It's my favorite one out of the other ones I have on it," said Bud while handing him his cell phone to play that game.

"This is actually quite fun, I do like it. Thanks Bud. Now I like something that I didn't like that you like. Mom will be happy! Ok Bud, now let's try playing some baseball together. I'll teach you how to swing the bat to hit the ball. It's actually quite a lot of fun, ok?" said Buddy excited to teach his brother how to play his favorite sport.

"Wow Buddy, I like baseball now! I never thought I would. Thanks for teaching me how to hit the ball. That's one of the reasons why I didn't like it before. Now because I can hit the ball I like it, thanks!" said Bud while getting ready to pitch the ball now to Buddy.

"Buddy! Bud! It's time for supper!" said Cheryl.

         When the bear boys finally went home, they told their Mother how they liked what the other didn't like more now. Cheryl was very happy! The boys continued spending the rest of their summer days learning about what the other didn't like and ended up liking it. This helped bring Bud and Buddy closer together as brothers and they lived happily ever after!

~ The End! ~

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2195413