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spiritual experiences of mine
One important thing I've discovered through the years is you don't have to subscribe to a certain belief about religion or spirituality. I've tried being on the most accepted "Christian" path a couple of times, and it never took. I don't enjoy going to church even though I grew up Catholic and have tried different churches. I reject the notion that you aren't a Christian if you don't go to church. Jesus wasn't talking about church all the time, actually very little. And there has never been a good explanation why the Bible has to be interpreted a certain way. Who says? How do we know the events of the Bible weren't interpreted incorrectly as they were written? And what about the missing gospels that portray a more esoteric, spiritual type of path? I truly believe most religions were mainly created to control people's beliefs.

Growing up in the Catholic church, I felt the strictness and control every time I had to go to mass. Some of the rituals were nice but I didn't feel love or Jesus or God. If you can't draw closer to those things then what is the point? There were some moments, however, when I slightly enjoyed growing up in a religious household. Rarely, I would go with my dad to The Full Gospel Businessman's dinner. We would sit at a round table with a fancy tablecloth and be served wonderful food. At the auditorium we were at the stage had shimmery silver curtains on either side of it. People would talk about how the Holy Spirit gave them the gift of speaking in tongues. I though it was strange but fascinating. Also, we would have nightly prayers as a family most nights in my parent's bedroom. All of us kids would gather in there before bed and say prayers and read from the Bible. The only time I disliked this is once when my father read from Revelations the verses about how there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth . It scared me so much I cried hysterically. But usually the prayer time was a time when we could all be together and I could collect my thoughts.

I have had a few paranormal experiences. When I was very little we lived in a house that was haunted. Ironically we would also have poetry nights once a week where we would gather in the sunken living room and read poetry verses by the white fireplace. One poet we frequently liked to read was Edgar Alan Poe-quite fitting for a haunted house lol. I didn't know why at the time but we had a seance in the basement. It was creepy and I don't remember much about it, only that it was dark. Later on one of my sisters said jars would fly off the shelves in the basement pantry and we were trying to figure out what was causing it. My parents didn't know about the ghost or that we had a seance. At a later house where my parents still live, I thought I saw a girl ghost with brown hair. I never spoke about if for years because I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me. Many years later chills ran down my spine when one of my sisters described a ghost she once saw there. I hadn't described the ghost I saw to her yet, and she told me it was a girl with brown hair. My mind wasn't playing tricks after all. I've had a few more experiences which more interactive and some were pleasant and some were not. I've had a few dreams about unusual things that have come to pass, and I've had strong feelings of intuition about things that ended up happening.

The closest I came to a spiritual experience at church was I believe I felt the Holy Spirit at a Pentecostal church once. My friend wanted me to be saved and I went to the altar. There I felt a wonderful liberating feeling. That was good, but fundamentalist teachings have never resonated with me. That experience felt like I was connecting to Divinity and if I was being saved then that is fine but it also taught me there is something to the spiritual world. I had an obe a few years later that gave me the same feeling ten times over, only this time my body was vibrating and buzzing with joy. I never had such an experience again, but it felt like it was coming from the same Source as the Pentecostal experience. Some people might label such an experience as bad or wrong because they fear it. But that does not change the other-worldliness of it, the enlightenment it gives. From those two experiences I figured out we are not just our bodies and the physical body is a physical, very dense shell we wear. New-agers practice things like healing with crystals, clearing chakras, practicing yoga and reiki, and other spiritual tools. I use to meditate quite frequently and once felt an energy current unplugging blocked energy centers in my body causing them to flow. It was incredible. I believe my chakras were being unblocked. Chakras are different energy points in your etheric body. Just as you have a physical body you have a light or etheric body. I think of chakras as I would a liver or heart although some would call them bad or wicked.. But that makes no sense if you believe you have a soul or spirit. Why wouldn't that part of yourself need healing while in the physical body?. It's like thinking your organs don't need to stay healthy. Why wouldn't your spiritual body need to be healthy too? It is connected to your physical body. I firmly believe many mystical teachings have been suppressed in religion because a lot of people think it's weird that we are powerful beings who have powerful minds. Through personal experience, I've found out that there is more to us than we have been led to believe. That doesn't mean I'm going to totally believe or subscribe to every metaphysical teaching there is, but I choose with what resonates with me. There are many Christian beliefs that resonate with me as well as New-age beliefs (some of which aren't really "new"). And it's ok if someone wants to change their minds about any of their beliefs. God created us to think and explore, and I've had too many spiritual experiences to deny there is way more to our existence then what we perceive.
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