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by Neil
Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2195682
Why would aliens want to visit Earth? Here is one theory and a possible outcome.
They have been coming here for millennia. Interstellar travellers who have grown fond of this little blue planet. The oceans provide them with plenty of hydrogen to refuel the propulsion units of their crafts, and also somewhere to rest and hide. The inhabitants, whilst having a basic technology, are fairly easy to evade. Sightings of incoming or exiting craft do attract some attention, although the rulers of the little blue planet know to play down these UFO sightings, much to the amusement of the visitors as they sometimes play β€œcatch me if you can” with the most advanced of the human's craft.

But the little blue planet has changed since they first began visiting. The native inhabitants have gained dramatically in population, and this, along with their use of fossil fuels without any thought of the future, is becoming something of a problem for the visitors. Should they just abandon this place? Leave the inhabitants to their own fate? Or should they help things along so as to limit the damage that they are causing? On planets far away, these questions are being considered by those who will decide the fate of the ignorant. Some call for restraint, telling those who will listen that they themselves were once as barbaric, and that the humans that inhabit the little blue planet deserve a chance to sort their problems before intervention should occur. Others say there is no hope and that the humans have already gone beyond that point, and intervention would be a merciful way to deal with the problem.

Debate rages as the two sides accuse each other of having their own agenda's. Greed and selfishness...to finally have the little blue planet all to themselves...no longer having to hide at the bottom of the oceans, so not reveal themselves to the natives, which is banned under interstellar law whilst they are deemed to primitive for enlightenment .To wander freely on the surface, creating new and exiting tourist attractions. And the bleeding hearts, crying about the loss of diversity to the scientific community, as studies of this species, as violent and destructive as they are, could benefit all in the future.

Then, a decision is made. And as the craft sets off for the little blue planet, there is a degree of sadness among the peoples who have decided the fate of so many. Knowing what must be done does not make it any easier to accept what will be done, and as the craft arrives and releases the viral toxicant on the unsuspecting billions, plans are already under way for resorts, spa's, and of course zoo's to keep some of the native humans who will be saved to display...exhibits that will surely be the main attractions to the new owners of this beautiful little blue planet.

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