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Halloween moved to Japan to become a geisha, but it's harder than it looks.
Chapter 1: Chado

Chado, the tea ceremony, is a lot like MyMathLab- everything has to be precisely on point. Otherwise, you’ve made a mess of everything and will never master the skill, which is why you will never become an artist. The main difference is that as a maiko under training to perfect chado, you’re in Japan where the calicos can’t laugh at your every failure.

While I don’t need math to be a geisha, I need to perfect chado, and I am far from improving. When working with my master, Tamika, I do everything correctly and at times, display that I know the art better than her even. When it comes to applying my skills outside the okiya where I receive training, the men who come for my services at the ochiya say that I make too many mistakes.

“I’ve noticed several slight mistakes in her flower arrangement.”

“You’ve miscalculated the amount of matcha powder you added to my tea. Are you sure you measured correctly?”

“The chagama is placed too close to the hourglass.”

“You appear to second-guess yourself a lot when setting the tea set, and it makes your work appear clumsy.”

“You didn’t leave the water to boil in the chagama long enough; now my tea is cold.”

“There ended up not being enough matcha for everyone.”

“I’m giving this ochiya a one-star rating because the maiko who served us was too inexperienced and made too many mistakes.”

Just like MyMathLab, you’re not allowed a lot of second chances in chado before your superiors deem you incompetent.

Perhaps I would be better at this if I had thumbs.
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