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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Mystery · #2196134
One day, a college student, her professor, and her classmates find a frightening surprise.
I am sitting in a Dexter University classroom, located in Palm Springs, Florida, waiting for my English 1001 professor and classmates to arrive. Usually, the door would be locked prior to the arrival of my professor, but today, when I approached Room 1247 and pushed on the door, it swung open.
So, with my backpack on my shoulder, I slowly crept towards my usual seat, which was the second to the front row, the second to the left.
I am now sitting. I am so excited that I will be learning more about literature and writing at the college level. I unzip the main compartment of my backpack and take out my five-subject college ruled notebook, a pen, last night’s assignment, and my textbook. I place these items on my desk, and then I sit and stare at the dry-erase board. I look up at the clock, and I am ten minutes early.
It is then that I notice the back door to the teacher’s office is open. “Hello?” I call.
There is no answer. I climb up from my seat and quietly walk towards the office. I look inside, and there is no one there.
The desk was thieved! Someone had thrown the papers on top of the desk left and right, and there was a haphazard pile on the floor. That person had thrown around the books, too, the pens, and I noticed that he or she had smashed the landline phone to bits. There is a sticky note above the desk on the dark, cracked computer screen with the words, “Stop giving me low grades!” The color of the writing is red. I take a closer look, and the ink is actually blood!
I begin to scream. Just then, the professor and two of my classmates rush in. “Melody, what is wrong?” yells the deep voice of my salt-and-pepper bearded professor, Professor Twillington.
Shaking, I say, “Someone did this. They tore apart your office, and wrote this note.” I hand the sticky note to him.
“Oh, dear,” he says. “I need to call campus security.”
It turns out that the person who destroyed Professor Twillington’s office and wrote that note is actually a struggling, furious student with mental health problems. To think, he was so angry that the police discovered by notes in his dorm room that his next plan was to murder the professor and his classmates if his grades did not go up.
I feel bad for the struggling student, but I know that the hospital is a better place for him right now. Only one thing, though, is that the student left one more surprise in the office, which we do not discover until he is in the hospital and it is too late: a bomb.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2196134