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by Neil
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Belief systems are here for the benefit of all, but what if we question or worse...think.
Is it possible that God/Jesus/Mohamed/ or any other higher power may have been made up by men who saw our weakness', our fears and our desire for something other than "We live, we die and that's it?" I imagine a shaman or an elder who wanted to bring some comfort to parents who had just lost a child. The thought that they could once again see that child, and know that they are not gone forever, would make people want to believe. Scientists think they are certain about almost everything. Ask any God fearing man who is a member of an organised religion, and they will be just as sure as the scientists about what is the 'truth'.

We humans think we know a lot, but do we really? I know enough to know we are dangerous (like a child playing with a loaded handgun)...to our planet, to most of the creatures that call Earth home and to ourselves. We kill when we fear others who think or look differently than we do, from colour to beliefs, it doesn't matter, they cannot be trusted. We build vast armies and weapons powerful enough to kill everyone on Earth 100 times over instead of sharing our wealth equally (or just spend that money on things that benefit all man).

There is one common factor that is used by all who have an agenda and that is fear. All organisations use fear to try get what they want. Fear Islam because it doesn't teach the beliefs of what we righteous Christians believe. Fear of other countries invading or attacking us. Fear of losing our job and the effect that has on our family. Fear that if I don't believe what any one of the organised religions tells me to believe then I will burn in hell. Why be afraid when none of those things is likely to happen? If we lose a job we get by, and sometimes that can be a catalyst for change in the way we think and that can be a good thing. If you believe that you are going to heaven but I am not unless I get with a certain program well, I suppose you could be right and i acknowledge this but the difference is that faith is unwavering in it's approach and for good reason, power, control, money and standing are at stake when people start to think for themselves and from there it is only a few short steps to anarchy.

When those men of old who saw our little idiosyncrasy's and wrote the bible, I can see why they might want to guide us in a certain direction, for the greater good of mankind. A set of rules for us to follow in order that we don't blow ourselves into extinction and, it would be nice if everyone was on board but we humans are an aggressive species that became dominant on earth because we killed anything that stood in our way and a lot that didn't. We really are horrible critters. Individually we are mostly ok...with each other...if they think and look like we do, otherwise they cannot be trusted so we had better get them before they try to get us.

If you were to say my outlook is cynical well I could not disagree with you but that is how we are. Human beings display all of the characteristics of a virus and to this planet earth that is exactly what we are, taking from our host and giving nothing but poison in return. We are invasive and will stop at nothing to expand our domain. We make our host sick and eventually we kill her but not before flying off into the cosmos to find and inhabit other planets. If any extraterrestrial life comes across us they should immediately either kill us or run away very quickly for the sake of their own kind. That is if there is life out there on any of the billions or trillions of other water planets, which, when you think about it is from very possible to highly probable.

I try to take all possibilities into account but the reality is we just don't know much and that really does seem to bother a lot of people. Maybe we are a program, written for some reason beyond our scope of imagination. I have heard of similarities between our brain waves and computer brains and these odd glitches that occur from time to time for unknown reasons and look identical to each other. Or, maybe we just are...and that's it...not that important in the big picture but a miracle all the same. Maybe there is a god just not one that is all seeing, at least i hope not all seeing because i shudder to think that someone is watching my every move. My rant comes to a close.
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