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The Alpha Lights make their final stand on Earth's moon.
At the edge of a crater on our satellite moon, with the Earth
looming majestically on high, and the blackness of space
providing a perfect backdrop for the vigorous sun,
and bathed in the radiation both natural as well
as a product of man, those beings called the
Alpha Lights made their stand. 

Glimmering grey those Alpha Lights,
renegades from system Proximate Centauri.
Hounded by the Gordian Rays, a kind of Interstellar
Interpol, and not averse to using excessive force to
achieve their goal.  For the Rays, the ends always
justified the means.  Tired of their interstellar
flight, weary of hiding in nebula nooks and
galactic gravity wells, the Alpha Lights
found a stronghold on the moon. 

Infra Red commanded the Alpha Lights and he was
electromagnetic.  He chose Earth’s moon due to
its size and tidal lock.  But there was a split
among the Lights and it was glowing.  Red
commanded for a reason—he had superior
intellect.  So he held an impromptu meeting
at a canyon’s edge, high above outcrops of
ancient moon rock and pools of ice sunless for
billions of years.  There like a laser he proclaimed:
Fellow Lights, listen to me please;  you have always
trusted me, and I shall not let you down.  We will make
our stand here on Earth’s moon, in full view of Earth.
And because human beings produce radio waves,
I believe those waves will confound our enemy. 
Together, fellow Lights, we will make our stand.
On this moon of Earth, we will prevail!

Infra Red proved to be correct.
The Gordian Rays let fly on all wavelengths.
But, much to the relief of each and every Alpha Light,
the Rays’ attack merely filled space like shimmering aurora.
Earth still looms majestic; the moon remains stark and
rugged.  The Alpha Lights celebrated in the Sea of
Tranquility near a flag, a host of human footprints,
and the lower stage of a spidery looking craft
called the Lunar Module.

40 Lines
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