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Apology to 4 young ladies.

She looked sad
I said, “Hello.”
The party was wild
I followed her outside
She was a friend’s cousin, our age
I let her cry on me
Phone numbers exchanged
Next day she rang
She said thanks

She became my friend
I wanted more
I let friendship stand
I miss my friend
I let her drift

I’m sorry
Sandi, I’m sorry

Man, she glowed
We were walking
We left the party
Wanted to be alone
Our kissing lasted the whole night
But that was not us
Real friendship blossomed
My big sister
She was cool

She was my best friend
I trusted her
I needed her there
I miss my friend
I drove her away

I’m sorry
Clare, I’m sorry

It hit me
Love at first sight
Teenaged love, still love
Her kisses soft, like down
She made me feel complete, happy
I took her for granted
I let her leave me
Could not admit
I was wrong

She was my girlfriend
I loved her
I never forgot
I miss her still
Regrets are left

I’m sorry
Barbara, I’m sorry

She was there
Looked after me
She made me grow up
Took me for who I was
Our diff’rent worlds did not matter
She helped me so much
Taught me so much more
What did I give?

She was my friend, mentor
I gave nothing back
She stepped back
I let her go
Why would I do that?

I’m sorry
Melinda, I’m sorry

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