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A short story about a woman named Brit that meets odd men that's really a shapeshifter.

         Brit was tired of being alone. She didn't understand why her life was always this way. Alone as in she didn't have a man in it to share her life with. She was now in her 40s and just didn't get it. The problem is, is that she keeps meeting bad men. Men that want to use her for their own malicious purposes. However...that's not entirely the case. There's an even deeper reason why this is. What could be the reason?

"Forget the dating sites! All they did was make me get stalked or meet bad men! I'm tired of this! I'm just going to meet one off on a whim then I guess," said Brit upset tired of being used and even abused by bad men.

         Brit decided to go to the gas station after work. She normally pays in cash. She wasn't expecting to have a meeting with a man.

"Hi. I like you and I like your shirt too." said Brit being stared intently at by an African American man in line in front of her. For some odd reason, the man just kept staring intently at her and didn't say a word but kept smiling at her. She didn't know what to do about this, it made her feel a bit uneasy. So, she paid for her gas and just left the building and went to pump her gas.

"Hey!" said the African American man sitting near by Brit's car in the parking lot near her gas pump.

"Hi. How are you doing? What's your name? How are you? Do you go to church? Do you live in the area?" said Brit knowing that the man probably just wanted her for one reason. She shook his hand and had to nearly force him to leave. This made her feel odd and uncomfortable.

"Yes," said the man hardly saying anything to Brit which made her feel that he just wanted her for one reason.

"I'm sorry, but I'm not interested," said Brit feeling bad that she had to tell him good bye like this but really felt that he just wanted her in a way that made her feel uncomfortable, especially just meeting a man for the first time like this.

"How odd? I wonder why he hardly said anything to me. That's strange. I've been noticing something about these men I keep meeting like this. They seem to be......inhuman in some way. I think it's a shapeshifter that's taken interest in me. I seen him in the parking lot where I live one morning right before I had to leave for work. That's probably why I can't find a man to love and marry me. What a shame. I would take interest in him if he'd just reveal his true self to me. (Which is peach colored skin with large black eyes). At least be his friend. Since he keeps following me around like this, I'm sure he's lonely and could use a friend like me anyway," said Brit disappointed that once again she somehow blew an opportunity she shouldn't have passed up again being with this being.

         The next day after work, Brit decided to eat lunch. She then cleaned up her dishes and then decided to take a short walk. She loves walking on a path leading deep into a forest.

"This is a nice day! It's sunny and it's not boiling hot out. This is great!" exclaimed Brit merrily.

         All of the sudden, Brit started seeing someone out of the corner of her left eye on her way back from her walk. She wondered who it was. It wasn't human...

"I wonder who this is? I know it's not a man or person. He's all white with large black eyes. It's a shapeshifter, I think he's definately been following me and has taken interest in me," said Brit happily. This has been on her mind for the rest of the day. She seen this individual in her dreams nearly all night too.

         Right before she went to work, she looked over in the place where she seen a peach skin colored being with large black eyes at once before. She wondered if she'd see him again or not. She kept looking, hoping that she'd see him again there staring over at her.

"Well, I hope I see him there again. He is there! Wonderful! This time I'm approaching him and I'm going to talk to him," said Brit happily.

"Hi. I'm Brit. I know that you've taken interest in me and have been following me around. What are you? What's your name? Would you like to come into my home with me? I want to be your friend. I know this has been going on for a very long time," said Brit hoping that she won't blow her opportunity again like she did the first time around when she seen him another time in the parking lot at her home. The being didn't say anything to her, but decided to let her know telepathically that he accepted coming into her home with her. He done this by showing her him coming into her home with her using images in her mind.

"Why don't you talk to me? I'd really love to talk to you. I want to be your friend. I know that you must be lonely, I'm lonely too," said Brit sadly, leading him into her home. The shapeshifter still didn't say anything to her.

         After they entered into Brit's home, the being just stood and stared intently at her. All of the sudden, he decided to talk to her. It wasn't through verbal means, it was telepathic.

"Hello. I don't have a name. You can call me whatever you want. I don't understand what a friend is. Yes I've taken interest in you. I am interested in learning more about you and your imagination," said the being nearly without emotion.

"This is wonderful! I finally get to have this opportunity with you! I am so happy! Yes, I'll not only teach you about how you can use your imagination, but I'll also teach you about how to be friends," said Brit over excitedly.

"I would say thank you but I don't understand this. Yes you can teach me about how to be a friend but I don't understand it. I'm interested in learning about how to use imagination," said the being almost emotionless.

"Alright. I'll show you how a friend is like at least. It will be shown to you in a very slow way. I am more than happy to teach you about both," said Brit happily.

         Brit and the shapeshifter finally sat down together at her kitchen table. She went to get some homemade chocolate chip cookies her mother baked her, the family and friends. Then, she put some on a large plate and offered the being some.

"Would you like some homemade chocolate chip cookies?" asked Brit excitedly because she got the best kind of friend she could ever have wanted now.

"I don't eat. I am of another dimension. I don't exist here like you do. We don't eat or drink anything. We're not a spirit but we do things in spirit," said the being while staring intently at Brit non-stop.

"Alright. That's ok. So you don't eat or drink anything. Is there anything else I can do for you?" asked Brit curiously.

"No. I'm only interested in learning about how you use your imagination," said the being the same emotionless way as before.

"Alright. Let's get to work then. I'm more than happy to start teaching you this now," said Brit while scarfing down at least three homemade chocolate chip cookies before getting what she needed to teach him. Brit got adult coloring books, a notepad, colored pencils and markers and her laptop computer. She put all of it on the kitchen table then took the cookies off of the table and placed them on her kitchen counter.

"Alright. Let's start you off slowly. I'll show you how to color a page. Do you ever get tired or need to sleep? Let me know," said Brit happily.

"No. We don't sleep. We don't have eyelids like you do," said the being while continuing to intently stare at Brit.

         Brit showed the shapeshifter how she colors a page she chose to color and show him. Then, she showed him how he could use his imagination on how to use the image to do it with. She then read the story she wrote about it to him out loud, even though she knew he spoke telepathically. He didn't even thank her, only because he didn't understand what thank you meant. But, he understood what she taught him.

"Will you color a page of your choice? Will you make up a story afterward for me to read too? I'd love to see what you can do!" said Brit over eagerly.

"Yes, I will do this for you," said the being still staring intently at her, but then picked up the adult coloring book and chose a page to color out of it. Brit ripped out the page for him to do. It had four crickets drawn on it.

         It took the being a while to color the page. It took him at least five hours, then he sat on Brit's laptop and started to type of a short story based on the picture that he chose to color. Brit was overjoyed!

         It's awesome how you chose to color this picture! I love it! Thank you! I can hardly wait to see what you write about!" said Brit very happy that she was finally able to have someone in her life to teach and be a friend to like this as well.

"I am making the story now for you," said the being intently staring up at her, then staring down at the laptop.

The 4 Singing Crickets

         Once upon a time, there was a baby named Jake that always would cry himself to sleep. His parents would never open the window at night for him and it was hot in his room. They didn't have the air conditioner turned on high enough for him to be comfortable to fall asleep.

"There goes Jake again, crying himself to sleep," said John his father.

"I know, he has to learn how to fall asleep himself though," said Jen his mom.

         John and Jen continued to leave Jake cry. They didn't understand why he was always crying like this though. All of the sudden, John had an idea.

"Honey, I wonder if he's too hot in the room?" asked John to Jen.

"Maybe he is. Let's crack open the window. It's summer and it's really hot now anyway," said Jen while going into Jake's room to open the window for him.

         Not long after Jen opened Jake's window and left his room, he stopped crying. He was finally cool enough to sleep. But was this really the reason? There were four male crickets chirping outside.

"Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp," went all four male crickets.

         When summer was over, Jake still cried at night the same way he did before they opened the window. Now he was crying because he wanted to hear the crickets. John and Jen didn't know why he was crying. Jen had an idea though.

"Honey, I wonder if the crickets he was hearing helped put him to sleep when the window was left open?" asked Jen to John.

"Maybe. Let's put our laptop computer in there and put the sound of crickets on repeat. Let's see what this does for him," suggested John confidently that his idea might work.

         After John puts a laptop computer in there with crickets chirping and leaves Jake's room, he stopped crying. John and Jen were overjoyed! They were happy that Jake no longer cried himself to sleep and everyone lived happily ever after.

The End

"That story was wonderful! Thank you! I loved it! See? You too have an imagination and can use it! This is great! I am so happy that I was able to teach you how to do this!" said Brit over happily.

         After this day, Brit and the being continued to learn about how to be friends and continue using his imagination. Brit had the best kind of friend she could ever have wanted in her life now. Now, she understood why she never had a man in her life and thought that this was far better than that anyway.

~ The End! ~

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