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The natural Man is pessimistic but always delighted to be wrong.
Throughout my mental health courses ( not the group discussion) a prevalent theme has been that pessimism is 'bad' or anti-productive
(read: happiness) and optimism is always the 'natural goal' for the health of an individual.
As the one voice whining in the wilderness, i have continually argued that pessimism is the natural outlook of the individual as a survival technique since , in Nature, a great many 'nice' things can happen to you ..ie find water, food, cave but one bad thing ends it all immediately ie tiger, flood, fall down cliff.
In a world of 50/50 chance, therefore, the outcome of a singular 'negative' weighs far greater effects than the outcome of a singular positive. So its natural to 'look out' for the negative more. ie a million pretty flowers in a sunset is lovely and sooo positive but it only takes one sabertooth in the glen to eat you.
Now the cat ( as an animal of almost unlimited presence in the present but very limited abstraction to the future ( so i conjecture anyway) is not miserable as it does not constantly 'abstract-look' for a negative future. Its senses are high tuned to a shifting present and its reactions are very fast to a danger of near-Now. ive often wondered how a herd of gazelles for example can 'relax' when grazing.....but the reality is there is a part in them that is never relaxed and thus, there is a great part of them which can relax......whereas the human has only his/her project of the abstract of a 'negative-future' to maintain a wariness......they must keep thie eye on this 'ball' consciously......
That is what the human mind has developed for survival ...a conscious abstract on the lookout for the variable negative hidden in the flow of a constant relative positive....
We 'swim' with crocodiles...optimism is not denial of the danger , it is a 'call' to a greater abandonment in splashing which renders the danger to an equal statistic for all.........
...If we all swam quietly and stealth fully, the danger remains but there is a far greater sense of individual reliance and thus, a greater sense of self-being and self-worth as opposed to the 'safety' of a herd stat.
I argue than that optimism is 'social-driven' to convince the individual that an 'over-all good' will prevail....and , indeed, it is 'over-all' good but necessarily individually good.
I argue too that one can be emotionally 'happy' even in extreme pessimism since one is usually in a state of disbelieve and wonder as good things do happen.....
Every time I cross the street I expect to be knocked down...statistics tell me that one out of every 300,000 crossings I will be.....I am constantly both delighted and in wonderment when it doesnt happen each time......the optimist takes a safe crossing for granted time after time.....until.....
I argue than that it is better to be a 99 % disappointed pessimist than a 1 % dead optimist.....
The real 'religion' of the optimist I believe is the continuous seduction of the future to the individual....into the social collective.
....In any endeavor, the pessimist asks "why?', the optimist always answers "why not?"....any real assessment of the modern world, and would one not deny that blindly 'raging happily' forward with a believe in the abstracts of tools and good intentions has not necessarily yielded anything greater for mankind than riding a tsunami towards the inevitable shoal of an indestructible (one prays so) Nature ..............

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