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A sad poem about the abuse of police officers in New York City and other places.
Valiant Warriors, disrespected, walking
away from chaos. Mob rules! Honor is
abused. Liberals strutting about
showing their disrespect.

Men in blue quietly putting on their
uniforms. Recognizably standing in the
gap; ready to lay down their lives
for those they protect.

The greatest police department in
the United States. Men working for those
who have no respect for the blue attire
or the officer waring the it.

Assaulted by common criminals with
buckets of water, drenching policemen
from head to toe. Yes, those who run
into harms way to protect the innocent.

The Mayor of the city that never sleeps
is first in line to accuse the police of
racism. De Blasio, so liberal is he, that
he sees not his own prejudice.

The police cannot expect any help from
the Mayor of New York City.
So they just take the abuse and walk
away. So sad to see; how can it be?

It's no wonder why this year alone one
hundred six mighty men lie dead so

Written By: Charles Heesch
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