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Rated: E · Short Story · Animal · #2196823
A short story about Joe's magical pet rocks.
         Joe who's six, has short brown hair, freckles on his cheeks and blue eyes loves to find and play with rocks. The first rock he found was a piece of granite that was in his backyard. It was sticking out of the ground and caught his eye because it was sparkling in the sun light. When he moved, it sparkled. Tom his friend who has short brown hair and brown eyes also loves rocks. They use rocks to play with as pet rocks.

"Tom, look at this one I found! Now I have two granite rocks! I'll name him Harry the frog. Now I have Harry and Larry the frog. Look! There's another one! I'll let you have that one!" said Joe excitedly.

"Yes! Now I have two too! Now I'll call this one Tommy the seal and my other one's Tom the horse," said Tom happily while looking at his new rock.

"Let's open up a pet farm together! Let's build one out of popsickle sticks and mud. Will you help me Tom?" asked Joe.

"Of course!" said Tom.

"We got to eat too many popsickles and we're almost out of them. Do you have any at your house Tom?" asked Joe.

"No. I finished mine yesterday," said Tom gloomily.

"That's ok. Hey! We can make them out of sticks from the trees in the forest. Let's gather some of those," said Joe knowing he had a great idea to solve their problem not having enough popsickle sticks to make their animal farm out of.

"Yes that's a great idea!" said Tom.

         While Joe and Tom were busy making their animal rock farm, Joe's mom, Judy, was wondering what they were doing. Joe told her and she was happy for them. Since it was Saturday, she went to her local plant store and found a small bag of jade rocks that came from a river in China. She gave them to them to play with when she got home.

"Here you guys go. A bag of jade rocks from China. Enjoy!" said Judy handing them to Joe.

"Wow! Thanks Mom! I love this!" said Joe overly happy.

"Yes! Thanks Ms. Judy!" said Tom with his eyes open wide and happy.

"Tom, what should we do with all of these rocks? We can make lots of animals out of them! Let's make pigs, horses, cows and goats! What do you think? Anything else?" asked Joe excitedly.

"Yes! Let's add some bulls and ducks. I know that farmers have those animals too. I like bulls and ducks." said Tom.

"That sounds great!" said Joe.

         The two boys finally finished making their animal farm and Judy called them to have dinner. She made spagetti and meat balls with homemade garlic bread. This was Joe's favorite meal and he was happy so was Tom.

         While the two boys were eating, something magical was happening at their animal farm. The jade rocks actually became a real mini version of a cow, duck, horse, goat and bull! They were hungry but didn't have any real grass or food to eat. So, all of the animals made their own sound.

"Wow! What's that?!" asked Joe to Tom.

"I don't know!" said Tom.

"Boys, eat. Your supper's going to get cold. You can go play at your animal farm when you're done." said Judy.

"Yes Mom," said Joe.

"Yes Ms. Judy," said Tom.

         It was tough for Joe and Tom to continue eating because they kept hearing mooing and other animal sounds coming from their animal farm. When the boys finally finished eating, they both raced back outside to their animal farm in Joe's backyard. They couldn't believe their eyes!

"Tom! The jade rock animals are alive! Look!" said Joe overly excited.

"I see! Wow! This is great!" said Tom picking up a duck.

         The two boys played and played with the pet animal farm rocks. They gave real grass to the animals. Now they have a real farm to run and were over joyed! Joe showed his parents and Tom's parents came over to see their real animal farm too. Everyone was happy! The neighborhood kids came over to play with their animal farm too and more and more people bought those jade rocks from China and ran their own real animal farm too.

~ The End! ~

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