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Philosophical little piece on wisdom.
"I am a fool." said the Fool to the Wise. The Fool smirks, then skips merrily along down the winding path.

"You realize that though." states the Wise. "Hmm, but that is wise indeed."

The Wise sits upon a stone wall, puffs on his pipe, exhales wisps of blue smoke and stares off into space. He contemplates the philosophical implications of the Fool's words. It is a conundrum that needs very deep thinking.

The Fool revealing that he is a fool means that he is self-aware and that is not only a profound thing in human kind but also suggests that the Fool has achieved great wisdom. If the Fool has wisdom then he is now also of the Wise. This is absurd of course for the Fool has always been nothing but foolish. He acts the Fool not frequently but constantly! The wise has never heard the Fool spout wisdom before and they've known each other since they were toddlers. A very long time ago!

What then is this self-realization? Is it something new? An evolution of sorts? Is it within the realm of possibility that the Fool is becoming,or has become, wise? Perhaps this is just an aberration? A fluke? A small manifestation come from the Fool's many interactions with the Wise? Gods above could the natural order of things be in jeopardy and the Wise in danger of becoming foolish in turn!? Hmm. The Wise remains in his thoughts so long that the sun goes down, twilight makes it's brief appearance, and true night descends before his unseeing eyes.

A new day dawns and the Fool capers along foolishly in the sunshine as though without a care in the world. His silly prancing takes him down the paths of yesterday until once more he sees the Wise sitting in the same spot on the stone wall from the day before. When the Wise refuses to respond to his greeting he dances up to him for a closer inspection. It is then he discovers the Wise is quite dead; he'd frozen in last evening's bitter chill.
The Fool shakes his head sadly and then giggles at the Wise.

"You, my friend, were a fool." he says as he tweaks the corpse's hard nose.

Laughing all the while, he skips jauntily along the path less trodden.

G. Gabriel

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