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by Hiccan
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fanfiction · #2197172
Raven and Lucius stand against Surtr and are defeated. What will become of them?
Raven had fought as hard as he could and those from his squad who had escaped would say so when they returned home. The only reason Raigh and Mordecai hadn't ended up captured was because of the red-head fighting like ten men to cover their retreat. They'd all been wary against ambushes from Surtr, Loki or even the fiery Laevateinn as they'd advanced through the World of Thracia but what they hadn't been ready for was for the unending hordes of the dead that Hel had lead. No matter how many of the specters of fallen soldiers they hacked down, more would still come to fill the ranks. Raven had ordered his squad to go and return with the help of the cavalry division that was tasked with the scouting. They'd received word that they as well had been ambushed as well and so Raven had fallen back to a clearing to give the order for retreat. He held them back by himself and would have succumbed to either his wounds or the enemies numbers had it not been for the healing and support of his close friend Lucius. The monk had stayed to help Raven and urge him to retreat despite Raven's insistence that he flees with the others. Eventually, though their escape route had filled with the dead as well and the two had resigned themselves to grim silence as they had fought on. When the undead bone walkers had arrived the two were exhausted to the point of being an easy task for the monsters.

They should have died there but the two knew they wouldn't. They had seen this strange war go on long enough to expect the monsters to instead knock the weapons from their hands. Disarmed and helpless the pair could do nothing as the grotesquely large skeletal horrors lifted them and trapped them inside their ribcages. The monsters were the size of oaks and so their chests were easily able to encompass their own and pin their arms to the side to make them helpless. When the dead regrouped not a one spared a glance at the pair despite how ridiculous it looked for them to hang like so from a monster with their legs simply dangling. Despite that neither the hard-eyed mercenary or his gentle friend smiled. Instead, their minds raced with what was to be done to them. Loki had arrived and brought another captive restrained by a bonewalker to join their procession. Despite her usual methods, she had stayed completely silent as they had marched back towards Muspel with only the tearful snivels of the Prince Siegbert being heard over the march of the dead. Lucius had attempted to comfort the lad and the two of them had found that much like their own squad they had been separated. Siegbert had seen Ursula and Frederick get to safety but had lost track of Roderick in the melee and feared for the man's safety.
"That he isn't here with us is a sign of good omen. May we pray to the gods and saints that watch overall for his safe return to Askr and his continued fortune." Lucius had said while Raven had simply grumbled something about no gods watching over horrors like this as the Prince had thanked his friend for the kind words.

A month later Surtr sat in his war room and addressed his generals Helbindi, Laegjarn and Loki who listened and relayed information on where they believed Prince Alfonse and other heroes to be and what would be the best way to move upon them. Thrasir and Lif sat at the table and simply listened to the plans while occasionally wincing at what went on below the table or in the corner. Princess Eir remained silent yet still gave an air of participation through her attentive looks. Her mother though Surtr noticed could not tear her eyes away from where The Ruler of Flame fingers skittered over a single ear that protruded through a hole in the table. Below the table, the Hero Raven kneeled in slave garbs chained to the ground as Surtr's fingers explored the inside of his ear that protruded through the table before the king and left him in ticklish agony underneath the table. He pulled at the chains that kept him bound on his knees and screamed at the soundproofed table from underneath but most of those above barely even spared him a glance as Surtr picked up a quill and began to work it on ths inside of the sensitive cup. All save Hel who's yellow eyes watched his struggles with malicious intent.

Surtr cleared his throat and the Queen of the Dead met his eyes. He grinned at her and gestured to the source of the musical laughter that filled the room. In the corner atop a plush and luxurious throne that would befit only the king of Muspel, a beautiful laugh sang through the air. The wrists of a slight blonde hung from shackles that came from the ceiling and pulled at them occasionally out of desperation as four hungry wolves ravished his trapped form. Lucius sat naked as the day he was born to a woman who had had no time for him not atop the throne but upon the lap of one Surtr's premier teal haired hunters. He tried not to move about atop the penis inside his rear but the way that the one it belonged to licked and bit at his armpit hollow made it incredibly difficult for the holy man to sit still at all. The long legs of an exact clone of that cruel man encircled the both of them and did the same but to Lucius's other hollow, nibbling at the slight muscles between the bones. The two worked in perfect tandem with one hand each tormenting the mage's dainty ears and the other digging hard into his feminine hips. Preventing Lucius from moving at all to interrupt this perfectly coordinated assault was another of them who lay atop their victim's legs on his side, looking the picture of comfort as he hummed a jaunty tune along and idly doted on the man's long toes, plucking and scratching at them with no discernible pattern. The fourth Ephraim sat nuzzled in between the chair and the torturous sandwich that his fellows were conducting hungrily upon the bound man of the cloth. Unlike his fellows who ravaged their prey utterly he instead gently worked the penises of both his prey and the doppelganger attacking him from the front making sure that whenever each sprayed that it thoroughly coated the other and allowed his hands to glide along with it that much faster. Mainly though his attention was on gently whispering to the priest of what pleasures were still to come for the gorgeous tapestry that was his friend under the table which was the most punishing part of the whole ordeal for Lucius. Occasionally he would whistle to his fellows for them to slow themselves so as not to overwhelm the man's weak constitution.

The sound of Surtr clearing his throat though got the attention of all in the room and made even his hunting pack stop dead. The massive man glowered at Hel who's expressionless stare watched him.
"My King, is something the matter? You seem ill at ease," she said without ever breaking her stare at the desperate Raven below the table. Surtr had taken a break in the torment of his ear and now the man was again trying to pull his way free of the chains. His large arms were of no use against wrought steel though and all he did was further tire himself.
"Yes, Queen Hel. I invite you into my castle after brokering this alliance of our realms and allowing you use of two of my servants-"
Lif and Thrasir winced at this and beneath the table, the toes of their bare feet curled where they were trapped within holes beneath the table and so far in this meeting had been left alone. This had made the pair of the formerly proud general's very nervous as the worst part was the waiting for whatever Surtr and Hel had planned for them. Nobody had told Lif yet of the lipstick mark upon his ear from his "Wife" saying goodbye to him this morning. The Muspellians thought nothing of it and Thrasir instead had planned to tease him for it later.
"Only for you to ignore our strategy meetings and instead ogle my trophies. I had thought better of one of noble birth. To be entranced by meat like so is most unbecoming."
Surtr turned the quill around and inserted its fluffy plume inside Raven's trapped ear. Despite his screams being soundless due to the glass one could read his anguish at the fluffy tickle on his expression alone. None were more entranced by it then though then the reddened Lucius who panted and gasped in the hunter's arms as they had allowed him a break.
"Death, My King."
"I am merely correcting you. You said of one of noble birth. I was never. As the ruler of the realm of death, I was created dead. To further correct you if I may. I was not enjoying the meat as once more I am dead. The warmth of living flesh holds no appeal. I am instead a connoisseur of wills of which your two latest acquisitions have fine countenances. Have they been giving you difficulty my King? Harder to break than normal?"
"Hmmph, they'll break eventually. Eventually, they all break. My finest hunting boys were once some of Askr's strongest front line warriors.

Surtr snapped his fingers and with an ear-splitting shriek from Lucius, the Hunter who had been inside the priest extricated himself and joined his fellows in moving as a pack towards Laegjarn who lifted up the hatch that allowed them access beneath the table. They poured over the trapped Raven who tried to fight them off but between the chains weighing him down and the revealing nature of his slave garb was quickly subdued and subjected to fresh torment. The four wrestled the man to the ground by his ankles and like a pack of wolves began nipping, biting and sucking at his feet and toes. They kept Raven's head still in a forest of their own size 12 soles so that no matter which way the hysterical he would get a face full of one of the eight feet in his face. Surtr watched this with a smile but when he turned back to Hel she had stopped watching Raven and was now entranced by the exhausted Lucius who sat gasping in the throne lacking the energy to move.
"Do you not see My King? Eventually, you may break them but there is a faster way that is quite plain to see."
"You speak nonsense, Watch!" Surtr thumped the table once and the doors opened to allow a green-haired man with his hands bound into the room. The former Zephyr ran quickly to Surtr's side and stood there wincing. His hands were bound inside gloves that resembled the paws of a cat but were overly fluffy to the point of being useless. The youth bounced on his heels and made the only part of him clad in clothing, his erect penis which was tied up in a rough-looking white cloth by a dainty bow of lace sway from side to side. Surtr laughed at the fate that had befallen Sothe and pulled the lad close to begin scratching at his stomach. The teen's face broke into a giant grin of utter relief before he began laughing at his master's touch.
"Thankyouthankyouthankyoumylord! Itchessobadsobadsobadsobadneverstopnevereverevereverstoppleasegods!!"
Surtr pulled his hand away from the man who immediately began writhing on his lap.
"I warned you worm! When you speak to your master it will be properly. For this Loki shall leave the curse on overnight now."
"Two nights now worm."
"Nooooo! I'm....sorry...my....lord...please...forgIHIve...your...humble...servant...!"
"Better. Loki give him a rest."
Loki snapped her fingers and the light from the charm around Sothe's ankle dulled. The incredible and irresistible itching sensation that had been crawling over his skin subsided.
The teen nearly screamed with joy at his master's generosity but instead wisely remained quiet.
"Attend to our friend in the corner. He must be feeling lonely watching his friend receive all the attention."
"Yesmylord!" The frantic slave slurred before running over and cozying himself into the chair with the petite healer. Lucius flinched away but found the worm too agile to evade for long. The big fluffy paws forced upon him really did nothing but once the worm readjusted to get his own mouth upon the toes of the feminine size 8 feet then Lucius added his own giggles to those soundless ones of Raven's when the worms dextrous toes found their way into his armpits those melodic giggles turned to hearty guffaws at the unexpected treatment. Still, though his eyes stayed open and focused not on his own torment but on something else.

"Yes! Excellent! My King, please! Allow me the two of them but for three nights and I promise that I will return to you a pair of well trained and obedient dogs!"
Surtr looked to the teary-eyed redhead beneath the table then to the squirming blonde upon the throne and thought of nothing to lose.
"Very well. You may do your best with the pair of them. I have other amusements. WORM!"
The lithe slave flinched atop the bound Lucius and turned to his master, whimpering.
"Take a seat between our guests from Hel! Dearest Laegjarn do join them! Best to make sure your lessons are sticking."
"Yes, father. As you say."
The statuesque general stood and helped the reluctant worm get situated in the chair, making sure that his ankles were secured in the same holes as Lif and Thrasir's before slipping her boots off and doing the same herself.
"I thank you, my king, and to allow you better to focus on your new joy."
Hel rapped her ax on the ground twice and instantly Raven and Lucius lolled in their chains like puppets with their strings cut.
"Ahh, an excellent trick Queen Hel but I do prefer the journey abit more than the destination."
"Yes, King Surtr but I do not wish to tarry. Allow me to remove them for you."
With another thud of her axe, the chains binding the two heroes opened and with another the pair's eyes opened to dull milky white as they came crawling over to the Queen of the Dead robotically.
She stood and placed a hand upon the massive King's shoulder before placing a cold kiss upon his cheek.
"Again my thanks to King Surtr as I bid you farewell for now though I leave you with one final secret. Lif's neck is quite sensitive just like Prince Alfonse. Enjoy."
"Is it?" Surtr said as he stood up and began walking over to the blue-haired swordsman who grit his teeth at the feeling of the fingers drawing themselves along his unprotected neck. Laegjarn laughed while Thrasir could only nervously chuckle as under the table the hunters drew to the fours trapped feet. The worm though could only whimper as Loki reactivated the charm on his ankle and placed her own large arms over his shoulders. Hel dawdled to watch as the Hunters began their assault upon the trapped feet of the three generals. Bending the toes back and drilling between them while nipping at the arches to different results. Thrasir began shrieking and begging while thumping upon the table as Laegjarn broke out into her familiar snorting laughter at the attack. Lif meanwhile stayed with his teeth grit to the point where they were in danger of breaking as Surtr and the hunter worked in concert upon the tall man's top and bottom-most sensitive areas. Hel was particularly impressed though by the fate of the unfortunate worm who was instead being teased into madness with the denial of touch. Loki's charm had the lad's entire body feeling as if it was submerged in a sarcophagus filled with sawdust. It itched so terribly and wickedly and with the ridiculous gloves that Surtr had forced upon him, he could do nothing about it. Now in his trapped state wherever he looked he was taunted about it. Loki placed one red-painted fingernail on the tip of his nose and he began babbling pleas for her to please, please tickle him as he needed it so badly. Instead, though she kept the fingernail stationary and whispered into the worm's ear of how his dear friend inside the pit missed him. When he tried to look away he simply saw the tealette hunter dragging one solitary fingernail across the tops of his clenched tight toes. He opened them and desperately tried to mime tickles but instead got the finger waggled at him like he'd been naughty.
His anguished scream overtook the laughs of the finally breaking Lif as Hel left the room with her two new charges in tow.

When Lucius awoke it was to the sound rhythmic breathing and a warm embrace. He felt a familiar heartbeat and looked up into the sleeping face of Raven who was sitting with him in his arms. He smiled at the sight before remembering the situation the two were in. He gently stirred Lord Raymond from slumber and was relieved when his eyes opened. The man's hard eyes were soft for but a split second at the sight of the priest before suddenly going to staring daggers at something beyond him. For the first time, Lucius noticed the pale woman sitting and watching them for the first time and saw the sorrow in her eyes as something he understood all too well.
"You haven't moved still? I assumed you were waiting for us both to be asleep before you did what you needed or was even that not enough you coward?"
"Raven, please don't antagonize her. Perhaps we can reason with her and escape together."
"Don't waste your breath. I woke up before you to see her standing over you. I chased her over there and made sure to keep an eye on you and she hasn't moved since let alone say anything."
"There has been nothing worth speaking about to one with such anger in their heart. I was simply waiting for the more reasonable of you two to awaken so that I may explain my mother's instructions."
"Mother?" Lucius asked with concern in his tone towards the woman despite the situation.
"Yes, Queen Hel is my mother. My name is Eir and I hail from the realm of the dead just as she does. She has placed a spell upon the two of you and tasked me with making you subservient to her ally Surtr."
"Witch the more you speak-"
"Be silent Raven."
"The mercenaries threat died in his mouth and his hand flew to his throat. He mimed trying to speak but no sound would come.

Concerned, Lucius tried to help him but was stopped by Eir's words.
"Lucius lay still, hands behind your head and you are not to move until I tell you."
The blond fell back and splayed himself over Raven's lap. His hands disappeared into his long mane of golden hair and his fingers interlocked behind his head. He pulled and strained to undo the but they operated wholly independent of him. The silent Raven tried to help his slight friend get free without hurting him but found his thin fingers locked like iron into each other.
"Raven pay attention."
"Instantly the redhead snapped to attention and stared at Eir. He was visibly straining but couldn't disobey the princess of the dead."
"As you've no doubt surmised my mother placed a hex mark upon the two of you which forces you to obey my voice utterly. Nod if you understand."
The pair nodded and Eir continued as they both strained to attempt an escape. "The marks are on your heels if you were wondering. Unfortunately for the two of you, Queen Hel noticed what Surtr did not. The reason his torture of you was so unsuccessful was that neither of you cares very much of the fates of your selves. No, you two were paying much more attention to the fate of the other than to your own. So I will be using that to break you here. Raven, you may speak again once I give you your orders. You are to tickle Lucius's armpits with all the strength and skill you can muster. You are to show no mercy until he says that you are to be tickled in his stead. Understood?"
Raven turned his head in shock. While he'd been berating the princess of the dead his hands had sprung into the area beneath his friend's slender arms seemingly of their own accord. He tried to pull them free but instead found his fingers tracing the musculature of Lucius's pits while he grunted and strained as if he was doing something.
"Lucius no! Please, I'm trying to stop this! Forgive me, friend! I'll kill you for this hag! I swear I'll kill you on my honor!"
"Rahahaven! Ihiihit tickles soohoo bad! I tohold you abohahaut that spohohot in cohohohnfid-AGGHAHA!! DOHOH'NT!! OH BY ELLLMIHIHNE'S GRACE PLEEHEESE!!"
"Lucius it's not me! I'm sorry! Please, I can't stop!"
"Iihit's fine! I fohohrigive you Raahaheven!"

"How touching. Raven, tickle Lucius's chest now. Make him beg to tickle you."
"Yes Eir, No! Don't make me-"
Raven's rough fingers danced along Lucius's bird chest and played with his pink nipples like dials trying to find the just-right frequency to tune into the blonde's breathy laughter.
Raven's hands continued on undaunted by the shade of red their owner's face was turning as he tried to pull them off of his friend. He pinched the sparse belly of Lucius around his navel just tight enough to pucker the opening, ignoring the yips and pleas of his friend and their owner himself the index finger plunged itself into the squished cavity and then pumped up and down. The squeezed nature of the belly button meant that even the slightest movement was dragging along all of the blondes deep belly button and driving him up the wall. The other hand lightly spidered its fingers along the neck of the man who couldn't pull his hands from behind his head. When he turned away to escape the hand would simply tickle the other side of his slender neck until he did it again. This repeated as Raven lost himself in the sight of Lucius's blonde mane and sweaty face. The dam broke though when Raven dipped his face and placed his lips to the other man's collarbone. Lucius was lost in a world of ticklish agony so as not to even notice but when he felt the redhead's teeth nibble up his few muscles he broke.

Upon saying the words Raven regained control of his body. Acting quickly he tried to scoop up the sweaty mess of a holy man in his arms and run for the door but found it locked tight. He kicked at it with all his might and made the wood crack beneath his barefoot.
"That's enough Raven."
He froze in place instantly.
"Come back over here now and bring Lucius."
"He strained and grunted as his body moved independently of him and walked back over to Eir with the exhausted Lucius in his arms.
"Place him next to me gently. This has clearly been a great ordeal for him."
"Quiet. Now apologize to Lucius and tell him any spots you may be ticklish that he might not know of."
"Lucius I'm so sorry."
"It's alright Raven.
"If I had been stronger we could hav-"
"Raven you did your best.
"Maybe if I had been more skilled in magi-"
"Raymond enough! This was our fate when we didn't run!"
"But it didn't have to be you-"
"Don't you dare! Don't you dare suggest that I ever leave you behind! Would you have left me?"
"This is all quite touching but were you going to tell Lucius any of your spots?"
"He's not tickl-"
"He knows them all already."
"Ahh, then this will be a sight. Lucius ask Raven for your favorite place on his body.
"Yes, Eir. Raven lay on your stomach. I'm sorry!"
"Do as he says, Raven."
The man lay on his belly at the command and at whispered instructions from Lucius crossed his arms and placed his chin upon his forearm.
"Oooh now, this looks interesting. Do explain."
"Please it not enough-"
"Explain it to me."
"Raven's ears are deathly ticklish and he's like a child when they're played with. Surtr knew this I don't know why-"
"No backtalk."
"Despite that, it's one of the few ways to make Raven smile. I love tickling Lord Raymond and making him smile and I know that he loves my feet and toes-"
"Oh? Do you Raven!?"
The still silent mercenaries face burned bright red from where it was nestled in his biceps now from both rage and embarrassment. His slender friend sat upon his back and worked his long legs under Raven's folded arms until his size 7 soles cupped his friends face. Raven lay pefectly still beneath him due to Eir's spell but when the priest's long toes got to wiggling over his ears the thoughts evaporated from his mind. Eir smiled finally at the sounds of boyish snickers and giggles from the normally scowling man. His handsome face contorted into a goofy grin like a child's in contrast though the look on Lucius's face was that of serious concern as he looked to the white-haired princess who regarded him coldly.

"Please." The blonde asked of her with his hands clasped over his chest in silent prayer.
"Don't do this. I can sense that you aren't like some of the others in Surtr's court. You're not twisted or broken like some of them."
"HnnK gehehe Lucius doohon't!"
"I can tell from your eyes that you have no love for this place. It hurts you to do things like this."
"Ehehe oohh! Lucius stahahap! She wohohn't listen-geheHehe haha! Please nohoho!"
Unbidden Raven found his ticklish ears now stroked and nuzzled by his allies toes. When he would try to turn away from it in either direction he would get a face full of his friends small sole. He'd linger there for a moment enjoying the faint smell of soap and the feeling of the muscles inside as they deftly worked those devilish toesies that vexed him so.
"Please, Eir! You don't want to do this I can tell."
"Can you? Well, that's wonderful. I can tell things too. Like what Raven here really wants. Raven, indulge yourself."
"Yes, Eir."
"No Eir! We can all esca-AH! OHhhoo!"
The sense of Raven's tongue dragging up his sole shot through Lucius's legs like a shock. His toes clenched at the feeling before renewing their assault upon the redhead's ears as revenge. Raven giggled at the attack before nipping at the soles and dragging his teeth across the skin to further get back.
"Ahhh Rahaven! F-fi-fight back!"
"Oh, he is. This spell is strong as it powered by the countless dead yet still, his will is...noticeable. Yours though is much stronger than even his. Hence why you are still able to lecture me so. I've grown tired of it though."

Eir produced a black feather and held it to the little light in the room before proffering it to Lucius.
"Take it."
"Yes, Eir."
"It's from my own Pegasus. You're to tickle your cock with it until you cum. Go slowly though and use all the tricks that only it's owner could know."
"Yes, Eir. No! Please!"
The white-haired woman sat back in her chair and watched as the blonde fiddled with the waist of his slave's garb until his cock sprung forth eagerly. He swallowed as his hands moved on without him and traced it's quill up his length.
"EEH!" He squeaked when they turned it around and sawed the plume against the opening of his urethra.
"Lucius *smack* I'm sohohorry! Ahh, it feels sohoo goohod!"
"St-sta-stahay stron-strong Lor-Lord Raym-AHHH! EHHUHU! THIS IS WHAHAT SHE WAAHAHNTS!"
"Oh but it is. It's also what you two want though. Your mouths can say all the sweet lies they want but your bodies won't be lied to. I can see the puddle leaking out from under the big, tough Raven and those drops of yours Lucius. Still, things could be much worse you know. Surtr has used Prince Xander in a delightful game of sending his friends to us one by one and Helbindi carried away the young prince Siegbert. He's known to be quite rough with his methods so I wouldn't envy that young man. You two are here with me though squealing side by side with your most precious thing and you wish to complain? The dead have nothing to compare to how cruel the living can truly be."
Lucius's whole body shuddered as his penis released a thick white load onto his friend's shoulders. Raven winced at the feeling of the warm liquid on his cold skin but still, the spell forced him to continue worshipping and nipping at his exhausted friend's soles as his ears were toyed with.

"Fantastic. The two of you may stop now. Raven, you are to remain seated but can move otherwise."
"Yes, Eir," they both said as they climbed off of each other burning with embarrassment. Raven yearned to try and run again while Lucius struggled to simply as he tried to clean himself off as well as his friends broad back.
"So the two of you believe my methods horrible then?"
"There's no point in speaking anymore." Raven spat. "Just work your black magic witch and stop toying with us."
"Very well. Lucius get Raven's stomach."
"Yes, Eir."
Before Raven could react his friend had dug into his abdominal's and was dancing his delicate fingers over the hard muscle there. Raven fell back into a giggling pile with Lucius atop him as a long index finger dove into his navel and explored there.
"Indeed he can't. However Raven tickle him back in defense."
Raven tried to right himself to take revenge but was helpless as Lucius tickled his stomach it wasn't until Lucius got cocky and reached over to again tickle Raven's ears that he was able to get him. His hands shot to Lucius's hips and got a startled yipe from the man as he played with the smooth skin there. Pinching and wiggling his friend's feminine sides and enjoying the melodious laughter he was extracting from the man. He pulled him closer and felt Lucius's erect cock rubbing against his abs as he meekly struggled in his grasp. Eir snapped her fingers then cleared her throat as Lucius's breathy moan signaled that now he'd painted Raven's front the same way he'd done his back. Still Raven didn't slow in the slightest at the sticky paste that was now spread over his pectorals and abs.
"Raven you're being mean to the lad. Lucius get him back by tickling his pits."
Like a shot, the holy man's hands flew into Raven's armpits and the redhead crumbled again. His grip on the blonde loosened but still, Lucius pushed closer until he was straddling the mercenary who had collapsed onto the floor. Raven squirmed and thrashed but Lucius longer limbs and determination kept the muscular warrior right where he wanted him and as he moved his attention to his friend's nipples and began toying with the sensitive nubs. Raven tried to stop Lucius but instead just found his powerful arms batted away by his friend's skinny ones. Lucius lay his head upon the man's chest and listened to the laughter bubbling out of him as he fiddled with the hero's nipples.
"Quiet Raven I'm trying to find the right combination."
"Ahhh I'm getting closer to finding the right spot huh Raven? What a shame your so ticklish. A little bit to the left..."
"Oh, I released the spell, Raven. Your friend Lucius is just doing what his animal instincts desired now."
The drooling Lucius was now exploring his friends ribs while his friend tried to convince himself that the witch was indeed lying.

Finally in a burst of energy Raven rolled over to get atop his partner. He forced Lucius wrists above his head and looked him in the eyes as he struggled to get free.
"Lucius tell me she's lying! It's the spell right my friend?"
The frenzied priest looked at him confused for a minute before darting his head forwards into his friends muscled stomach and blowing a big wet-
Raven released his captive and fell back clutching at his still tingling stomach muscles as the tickle-hungry priest moved forward to devour him. Lucius grabbed ahold of that evil black feather Eir had given him and yanked down the waist of the ragged pants that were all that was left of Raven's clothes. Raven's penis sprung forth and was immediately attacked by the stiff black feather dragging along his shaft. Raven clapped his hands over his mouth as his girly friend lifted his balls and twirled the plume along the skin there while taunting him in a sing-song voice.
"Poor Tickly-Raven good thing none of those morphs ever got a hold of a simple feather huh? You'd have been begging and squealing like a baby and what would Lord Hector have said? He probably would have tickled you even pinker coochie-coochie! Some revenge that would have been huh you poor tickly boy?! Gitchie-gitchie!"
Lucius used his free hand to tease the head of his friends cock with his long fingers. When the organ before him lilted even slightly they'd be there to skitter along it's opening and tease it back to attention. The muscular mercenary was twitching and red when his suddenly sadistic friend decided to finish him off. The blonde leaned forward and dragged a singular finger up the shaft before blowing some cold air upon the head gently through pursed lips. The reaction was instant as his shuddered and screamed into his hands as his organ erupted over his friends face and both their chests.

"Well done Lucius. Now you two are even. I will now give you back control of your senses."
Eir snapped her fingers and the blondes sticky face went from a look of sadistic glee to utter shock as he looked over his spent friend before him.
"Saints preserve us! Raymond what happened?! I blacked out at the witchs spe-"
"traitor...revenge...must get..."
"Lord Raymond what are you saying-"
"Now I believe it's time for the shoe to be on the other ticklish foot don't you Lucius? Raven? Get him."
"Yes, Eir." The gasping mercenary said before tackling Lucius onto his back.
"Lord Raymond please! I beg you to come to your senses! I would never betray you!"
Raven ignored his cries and easily flipped his former retainer over onto his stomach he then wrapped one thick forearm around his thin ankles and restrained them. Lucius went to plead but before he could he felt fingers dancing over his soles.
"Oh, he can't hear you, Lucius. Raven isn't here at the moment. He's where you were when I had you milking your friend just a moment ago. I felt like he deserved some payback for that and what better place than those little feet of yours that you said he loves so much?"
Raven drove his thumb in between his clenched toes and twisted the digit around.
"You don't seem to understand that I already have you. I have both of you and with this spell, I can make you do whatever I want. Raven? Step it up please."
"NOOO PLEASE!" was all Lucius could muster as Raven fell back with his ankles onto his side. Soon he felt his friends literally nipping at his heels and fell into boyish while Eir finally stood up and walked over to the two.
"Raven give Lucius your foot. Let's make this fair."
Lucius found Raven's soft size 12 proffered to him and seized it. Almost without thinking he dug his fingers into his friends arch.
"Rahaven it's a trihihick! She's dohohing this nahaht me!"
"Neither of you is to stop tickling the other until they stop tickling you."
"Yes, Eir. DAHAHMN YOU!"
Eir knelt down and looked over the two men tickling each other tears. She smiled at the fading looks of defiance and hope on Raven and Lucius's faces respectively before slowly taking off her gloves and sitting atop the two.
"Mmmm what wonderful music you two make no wonder King Surtr wanted you broken so badly."
A look of pure ectasy overtook Eir's face as the increasingly frantic men's hips beneath her that she was using as a throne shook more and more violently. She sat atop the two as their laughter grew increasingly pitched and breathy and with the grace of a princess, she reached down and stroked a singular finger down each man's erect shaft. She smiled at how they both explosively came at that slight touch. Both men went quiet at that and as Eir looked over the two sweaty and red-faced heroes sleeping faces she smiled.

Yes, they were broken just as Surtr had wanted but mother had said that Surtr had given her three days. Why not keep them around for a bit more fun until then? Eir smiled at the games after the pairs bath and how she'd make them scrub each other's minds clean for the King.
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