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by uouo
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Hiro from Big Hero 6 made a growth gun (A story by 0000w and StellarMuscles)
(This is in an AU where Tadashi never died)

Hiro had been working on a new device that could temporarily enhance one’s physical strength. He was mainly making it for himself so he had a power when fighting with the rest of Big Hero 6. Hiro designed the device to look like a toy gun, and used his nanotechnology to ensure that it would he would be the only person it could be used on. Don’t want villains to use it themselves after all. While finishing the gun, Hiro accidentally pulled the trigger.

Tadashi quickly came up into the attic they use as their shared bedroom.
“Hiro! What happened...?” Tadashi stop as he saw Hiro sitting with his head partially in the ceiling. Not only that, his muscles had grown as well. “Hiro, what did you do?” Tadashi ask as he approached with caution. Hiro bent over to move his head away from the ceiling.
“I made a new device to increase my size” Hiro chuckles
“I can see that” Tadashi reassured that Hiro was fine, just bigger. “Where’s the device?” Tadashi asked.
“Under the desk, I think” Tadashi climbed over Hiro’s thigh and found that the gun was indeed under the desk.
“Do I just press this?” Tadashi asked as he held the gun to Hiro. Hiro nodded as Tadashi shrank him back to normal. “Thanks Tadashi!” Hiro said as he took the device from him. Hiro beamed with joy, while he messed with the gun. Hiro then shot himself. Tadashi saw Hiro grow before him until he could not see Hiro’s face past his brother’s large pecs in his face. “It’s going to be great having this thing now! Right, little bro?” Hiro asked as he petted Tadashi’s head before ducking to leave their bedroom. Tadashi, worried for Hiro and his growth gun, just hoped that Fred never gets a hold on the gun.

Speaking of which, he just happened to have come over to the cafe. When he walk in, Fred saw Hiro giving Tadashi a noogie.
“Hey guys!” Fred greeted them
“Hey Fred!” Hiro said as he let go of his brother.
“Didnt Hiro used to be, like, way smaller?" Fred asked. Hiro explained the gun to him. “No way! Can I try it? I could really be Fredzilla!”
“Fred, I already told you. The nanotechnology fused into it makes it so only I can be affected by it.” Hiro explained.
“Aww. Then can I use it on you?” Fred ask as he reached for the gun before Tadashi interfered.
“No way Fred. We don’t know the extent of the gun’s limits, and using it too much too soon could have a negative affect on him” Tadashi said.
“His muscles feel great!” Tadashi saw that he ignored him. “Feel them Tadashi!” Fred insisted.
“He already felt them when I gave him a noogie!” Hiro teased. Annoyed with the situation, Tadashi texted the rest of the group on Hiro new device.

The group arrived to see Fred arm wrestling with Hiro. Hiro messing with Fred by keeping his own arm in place while Fred struggled. Tadashi informed the others about the gun in greater detail. They then heard Hiro’s arm slamming on the table as he beat Fred.
“Man, you’re strong!” Fred exclaimed. Hiro looked up to see the others.
“Hey guys!” Hiro walked over to them. Wasabi was actually nervous as Hiro was now bigger then him.
“Hiro, why did you think you needed to do this to yourself?” Honey asked.
“I didn’t think I needed to. This is something I wanted to do!” He said as he flexed.
“Promise us you won’t get carried away with that thing?” Gogo asked.
“I promise..?” Hiro felt an energy as he quickly ran outside. The rest saw Hiro grow bigger then his house.
“Hiro!” Honey shouted in fear for the boy, while Wasabi fainted. Tadashi and Gogo turned around to see Fred with the devise, obvious to what he did.
“Idiot!” Gogo said as she punched Fred and gave Tadashi the gun. “Look what you did!”
“Sorry Hiro! But you look awesome!” Gogo punched Fred a second time.
“Don’t worry Hiro, I shrink..”
“Don’t! I want to stay like this for awhile! To test it out! Just for a couple a minutes!” Tadashi groined as Honey tried to revive Wasabi.

Hiro bent down to pick up a car, of which Fred jumped onto, and lifted it up with ease. And grinned as Fred cheered.

“Come on Hiro! Time to shrink!” Tadashi held the gun.
“Ok!” Hiro said as he placed the car with Fred back down. Tadashi then shrank Hiro back to normal. Wasabi then cane to.
“What happened?” He asked.
“Fred made Hiro grow and fainted at his size” Honey explained.
“I think I’m going to go home. I still need time to process this.”
“Let me help you” Honey said goodbye as she helped Wasabi.
“What are going to do next!” Fred asked.
“You’re going home too mister!” Gogo said as she pushed him. Hiro and Tadashi went to their room.

“Hey Tadashi, can I have my gun back?” Hiro asked.
“Sure” Tadashi held it above Hiro before he could take it. “If you can get it!” Hiro jumped to reach it, but to no avail. “Come on big guy, I thought you wanted it!” Tadashi then grabbed Hiro to give him a noogie. After being released, Hiro was grabbed by the legs dangled on Tadashi’s back. “Come little guy!” Tadashi dropped the gun and it shot Hiro. Tadashi was now trapped under Hiro, his head under Hiro’s big butt.
“Sorry, big bro” Hiro said. Hiro was about Tadashi’s size, just with a lot more bulk.

“Hiro? Could you get off of me?” Tadashi asked as he tried getting out from underneath his butt.
“Oh! Sorry” Tadashi stood up and stretched. “You know, that reminded me when we used to wrestle back when”
“Oh yeah? I guess we did”
“Hey! Since we’re the same height, how about a match? Loser gets food?” Hiro said with a toothy grin.
“You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?” Hiro shook his head. “Fine” Hiro and Tadashi stood in position both brothers were now exactly the same size, but Hiro’s muscles were oozing with power while not so much with Tadashi’s soft body. Tadashi charged against Hiro pushing against the wall of muscle he calls a brother. Hiro just stood there, not even feeling Tadashi’s attempt to throw him. Hiro just faked a yawn and started walking toward the end of the ring, his big quads flexing with each step moving, while both Hiro and Tadashi moved each other to the edge of the ring. Then Hiro just slightly push with his chest, causing Tadashi to fall butt first out of the ring. Hiro was overjoyed being the winner as he fist bumped the air.
“Shrink yourself and I’ll get food. I think aunt Cass has burgers in freezer” Hiro shrunk and ate about 6 burgers before finishing while Tadashi ate two.

Hiro yawned as he left for bed while Tadashi washed the dishes. Arriving in the room, he saw Hiro already alseep on his bed. Tadashi changed his clothes and picked up the gun and looked at it. He glanced at Hiro. A thought cane to his sleepy mind, and he decided to roll with it. Tadashi used the gun on Hiro. Hiro began to grow. Hiro’s back filled up his bed, causing it to fall on the floor. His head and knees touched the ceiling while his arms touched the walls. Hiro was also bulging with muscles. Tadashi put the gun down and grabbed a blanket. He placed himself on Hiro’s stomach, with his head resting on the bottom of Hiro’s pecs, and fell asleep.

Tadashi slept past noon with the best night’s sleep he thinks he’s had in months. Tadashi woke up with a yawn, and when his vision cleared, he saw his giant little brother looking at him with a smirk on his face while tadashi still rested his head against Hiro’s pecs. Tadashi blushed. Hiro kissed his little older brother’s head, which made Tadashi blush even more. Hiro petted Tadashi’s head as he continued to rest on him.

Tadashi got up and changed beside his own bed before taking the gun with him and leaving the room. Hiro just laid there enjoining his size. Tadashi returned with breakfast.
“So, did you grow me last night?” Hiro ask as Tadashi Fred him food.
“Um, yeah” Tadashi blushed.
“You like my size?” Hiro asked confused.
“Actually, yeah!” Tadashi rubbed the back of his head.
“Really?” Hiro was surprised. Especially when Tadashi started feeling his muscles. Hiro decided to leave Tadashi be as he close his eyes, his brother feeling like he was giving him a massage. Tadashi grabbed every inch of Hiro’s inflated muscles. His rock hard abs, mountain like biceps, immense pecs. Hiro felt tingles when his brother moved around his body, but made an effort to not move around as he knew that he could probably destroy the entire room at that size, and his aunt would probably kill him if he did that.

Tadashi hugged Hiro’s face when he was done.
“Now to shrink you so we can leave” Tadashi hadn’t bothered to look at the gun before pulling the trigger, causing Hiro to grow. His muscles ballooned as he increased in size. Tadashi trapped between Hiro’s pecs and stomach. The room itself creaking as Hiro pushed the ends.
“Can you reach the gun? I don’t want to have to break the room!” Hiro said as his head was smooshed between his pecs and the ceiling.
“Almost” Tadashi said as he reached for it. Thankfully, it didn’t go off before Tadashi could change the settings. He then shrunk Hiro back to normal.
“That feels better!” Hiro said as he stood up and straighten himself as he saw that there was now a flat pancake that used to be his bed. Most of his stuff was either broken or flatten. Hiro felt a tingle as he grew again. He turned to see Tadashi past his pecs with a grin. After growing again, he approached Tadashi and put his arm around him and lifted him into a bearhug making sure he was pressed against his big pecs. "This is for immobilizing me all morning! And you’re going to pay for all my stuff, understand little bro?" Hiro said in a playful tone as he presses Tadashi a bit harder. Hiro then released him and the two left.
“It’d be so cool to drive the car!” Hiro thought aloud.
“You want to? You can probably pass for my older brother” Tadashi stated.
“Then let’s go little bro!” The two got into the car and Hiro had no problems driving. Hiro had his free arm wrapped around Tadashi as he drove with confidence.

Hiro parked the car in near the location where the bot fighting ring.
“Hiro, what are you doing?” Tadashi asked as he saw Hiro shrink himself.
“When I give the signal, grow me” Hiro said with a confidence look. Tadashi knew that Hiro would probably be fine once he grew, so he went along. He and Hiro entered the ring, and saw Yama from a distance, laughing at a win. “Make sure you’ve got a clear shot or it won’t work!” Hiro said with slight panic before recomposing himself as he walked over to Yama.
“If it isn’t the Hamada boy” Yama said as he and his goons approached him.
“Long time no see. I figured I’d come by and scope out the competition...”
“I thought I told you not to come around here” Yama cut him off.
“Well I just thought...”
“You are going to pay for what you did you my bot!” Yama put his hands around the young Hiro, lifting him well above the ground getting ready to beat the cocky teenager. That’s when Hiro gave the signal. Tadashi fired the beam and instantly, Hiro’s legs grew bigger, his muscles touching the ground and lifting both him and Yama up more and more as Hiro’s pecs expanded until each one was bigger than yama entire body. Soon, Hiro was crawling to fit the room, and Yama was holding to Hiro’s shirt to not fall to the ground. Yama now looked like an small ball compared to Hiro. That gave him and an idea. Hiro grabbed Yama with only one hand, his big bicep flexing a bit as in a quick motion, he threw yama like a bowling ball. Poor yama rolled into the street. Yana’s goons ran away to stop their boss from rolling how the hills of San Fansokyo as Tadashi approached Hiro.
“That was great!” Tadashi laughed. Hiro picked Tadashi with one arm for a hug before shrinking back to being bigger then Tadashi and heading back to the car.

“So where do you think we should go little bro?” Hiro asked.
“Little? I’m still older then you” Tadashi laughed.
“Yeah, but I’m currently bigger then you, so your currently the little bro, little bro” Hiro smirked.
“Whatever, big bro” Tadashi said sarcastically.
“What was that?”
“Fine, you’re the big bro for now, happy?” Tadashi laughed.
“Not unless you mean it”
“Fine big bro!” Tadashi punched Hiro in the arm with all his force, but the punch simply bounced off Hiro.
“That’s better.” Hiro said as he petted Tadashi’s head. “Now where do you think we should go?”
“Not sure” Hiro then drove them to a nearby mall, however as they got out of the car, Hiro took out the gun and shrunk himself to his normal size. Tadashi looked at him puzzled.
"Don't worry you are going to love this" Hiro said with a wink as he starts walking into a clothing store.
What are you doing" Tadashi asked
“Well I am going to need some new clothes. I can’t stay with just the same shirt and hoodie all the time like i am an anime character" Hiro answered as he grabbed large work out shorts and an equally large tank top. They walked into the dressing room and Hiro put on his new clothes. They looked ridiculous on him. The shorts looked long enough to be jeans, and Hiro had to hold them around his waist so they didn't fall. The tank top was so long, that it almost looked like a long dress. Tadashi couldnt resist and laugh a bit at the sight of his brother in such large clothes.
“Hey, you won’t laugh in a second" Hiro said as he pulled out the gun and shot himself. Suddenly, the loose clothes started to fill out. The shorts stretched and expanded as they hugged Hiro’s quads and muscle butt. The tank top suffered the same fate as he struggle to contai hiro growing lats and showed off his ridiculously large pecs and a pair of beach ball size biceps . Hiro was now bigger than Tadashi with his new clothes showing off every inch of his newly grown muscles. Hiro made a few poses, bouncing his pecs and making sure the clothes were resistant enough to handle all of his muscle mass.
“What do you think little bro? Hiro said hitting a most muscular pose. Tadashi gave a thumbs up. Hiro tried on some more clothes before changing back to his old clothes and purchasing his new ones. They then returned to the car.

Hiro then drove them over to Fred’s mansion. He picked up his new clothes and headed in with Tadashi. Fred was ecstatic to see Hiro, even more so when he explained that he wanted to test his strength. Fred was amazed when he saw Hiro not with in his regular clothes, but in the tank top and shorts that made him look like a comic book superhero Fred inmediatly went ahead and put his hand in Hiro’s rock hard chest, feeling is inmense power. Hiro just smiled and bounced his chest, causing Fred’s face to blush as he got even more excited .
"Wow dude..." Fred was all he was able to say.
“Hey Fred, he came over to do some strength testing” Tadashi explained while Fred was still messing with Hiro’s muscles.

“Oh, yeah sure. I told the butlers to prapare the garden, as usual.” Fred said without taking his eyes off of Hiro’s body. The garden was now full with rocks of different sizes, as well as some construction metal bars and all kinds of other heavy stuff as well.
“Perfect” Hiro said as he walked towards some huge boulder. As he put his hands around it, his entire body tensed with all his muscles flexing and bulgin as he picked up the rock over his head. Hiro then proceed to throw the rock which flew several meters before landing and breaking into pieces. Fred was amazed with Hiro’s strength, while Tadashi gulped with a bit of fear of his brother. Hiro wasn't even giant size and was already that strong at his current size. Hiro then grabbed a thick metal bar, his biceps and shoulder got pumped as his body started to sweat a bit as he bent the bar until he turned it into a metal pretzel.
“Here, hold this Fred” Hiro said as he handed Fred the metal pretzel. Fred grabbed it, but his arm just fell onto the ground when Hiro let go. The pretzel looked light in Hiro’s hand, but was actually around 150 lbs.

“I’lll have some fun with Tadashi” Hiro thought to himself. “Hey Fred, wanna see what this muscles can do in a fight?" he asked while lifting Fred out of the floor. He then looked at Tadashi with a smiling face. Hiro grabbed the gun and shrunk to Tadashi’s size.
“Oh no, no, no" Tadashi said as he backed away, but Hiro just launched towards him, grabbing Tadashi and lifting him above his head like a wrestler. Fred was so excited that even Tadashi’s size, Hiro was still ridiculously strong. Fred then acted as a referee and slowly counted.
“1...2...3... It’s over! Hiro wins!" he said as Hiro released Tadashi. Fred lifted Hiro’s muscular arm as if he was a pro wrestler. “Now it’s my turn!” Fred said as he pulled out a luchador mask and got into position while Hiro took the gun ti shrink a couple inches to Fred’s size. Hiro toyed with Fred a little, letting him try to move and push him. Fred even try to put Hiro in a lock. However, Fred’s spaghetti arms are no match for Hiro’s tone body. Fred finally tiredhimself out and fell to the floor. Hiro gently put his foot on friend’s back and won the match. Afterwards, the three took showers.

After showering Hiro got his bags of outfits that he bought earlier. Fred also got some costumes, as well as a camera and green screen. Hiro grow himself just as big as when he bought the clothes, maybe a little more. He first but on a super hero costume that Fred had and began posing in it as Fred took pictures. The super hero outfit was a very elastic material. Hiro had a lot of fun with this one making superman poses and flexing. Fred would then add a sky background in the green screen to make Hiro look like he was actually flying. His next outfit was a track suit. The tracksuit made him look like a personal trainer. Fred even brought some dumbbells. Hiro made poses that looked like they were for an advertisement for a local gym, doing bicep curls and dumbbell presses that made the muscle bulge even below the tracksuit that clearly showed off the size of Hiro’s muscles. The next was a swiumsuit that fit tightly around his muscular butt. Fred would add a beach theme background and even splashed some water onto Hiro to help sell the beach theme. The water drops traveled alongside Hiro’s physique making it shine. The fourth was a bad boy outfit with a v neck that showed a lot of Hiro's pecs and upper abs, and a nice jacket that fit tightly in his muscular v shape back. Hiro made a lot of bad boy poses for this photo session.

Hiro gave that outfit to tadashi who was buried under a pile of his clothes as he put a suit and tie. It quickly became his favorite to show off all his muscles in an elegeant way, and actually made him look a bit older. Fred even lend him some sunglasses. making Hiro look like a total business boss. They didn't even had to use the green screen anymore as they just walked to some of the more elegant parts of the mansion to take pictures of Hiro. Tadashi blushed a bit while they were walking because looking at Hiro's wide back in a suit made it seem like it was the back of a big important man instead of his dorky little bro. Hiro caught Tadashi staring at his broad back. He lower his sunglasses a bit and winked to his older bro during the photo session. Hiro acted very doninant in some shots even, striking some posses the suit barely able to contain the mass of wakening muscles that Hiro had. On more than one occasion, it seemed like the buttons were about to pop. The photos looked amazing, like something straight out from a model magazine. They went over to where Fred had his dad’s cars and took pictures alongside some ferraris and lamborghinis. Hiro actually put his hand under one of them and easily lifted the upper part a bit like it was nothing, which gave Fred plenty of material for photos. Hiro sat in the hood of the car and grabbed Tadashi and made him sit on his muscular legs, and because Hiro had his face partially cover by the glasses, you would think that the pic was of a very big man with his son.

Hiro decided to make the next round of photos extra special and shot himself with the gun. Some buttons of the suit popped off, hitting Tadashi, as Hiro’s torso became bigger and more muscular. He now lifted not only the front part, but the entire car with one hand. As he lifted it, his bicep tensed became a big veiny ball of muscles. As he easily lifted the car over his shoulder, the metal groined a bit when Hiro efortletly lifted it over his head, Tadashi. who was still inside, instinctively grabbed the seat and was both suprised and a bit scare of his little bro lifting a heavy ferrari like it was a toy with him still inside. Hiro noticed that Tadashi was still in the car and brought it to his face lifted.
“Hey bro.” Hiro’s voice sounded deeper, and somewhat manlier. “Didn’t see you there. You kind of seem like a toy in that car” Hiro teased as he petted him. Tadashi blushed as Fred took more pictures. Tadashi began feeling Hiro’s muscles bulging through his tight suit. “Want more little dude?” Hiro said as he picked up Tadashi by the collar of his shirt and put him in the space between his pecs. Hiro then started flexing and bouncing them. Tadashi was in heaven as he felt the softness of the suit material getting harder as hiro flex his pecs, tadashi felt his entire body moving, tossing and turning according to the will of Hiro’s pectoral muscles. Fred suggested they go instead to continue. Hiro let Fred and Tadashi go inside the mansion before him. Although Hiro had to bend down to get inside, the room they were in was big enough to contain him, and then some. Fred brought a model of a giant chair for Hiro to sit in. Tadashi ran up to Hiro for him to place him in his lap. Hiro sat his massive bubble butt in the giant chair as it groined a bit to hold Hiro’s entire weight. To add more to the scend, Hiro picked up Tadashi and placed him on his massive quad. Tadashi looked like a litte pet or doll next to the big chair and the bigger Hiro. Hiro’s muscular giant finger approached Tadashi and petted Tadashi’s hair and scratched under his chin, causing him to giggle.
“Who’s a good boy?” Hiro said.

“I think I ran out of room on the camera” Fred said as he couldn’t take anymore photos. “Good thing too, the batteries are low too. I’ll go get these on the computer!” Fred left to work some editing magic on them. Hiro then placed Tadashi down as he got the gun out. As Hiro started shrinking down, his muscles deflated, causing his clothes to look baggier and baggier as he return to his normal size. However, just before he returned to normal, Tadashi grabbed the gun and shot Hiro again. His clothes went to baggy to tight in an instant as Hiro's muscles expanded in all directions.
“You want me to be bigger then you?” Hiro asked, now just a bit larger then his brother in comparison from before.
“Yeah! It’s nice” Tadashi blushed as Hiro locked him into a noogie. Tadashi rested his head on Hiro’s pecs as he carried him to Fred’s room.

“I’m going to be awhile messing with theses photos.” Fred said while on the computer. “You guys should check out that burger place not that far from here, you could even walk.” Hiro and Tadashi decided to go as they were starving. Tadashi felt so small walking next to Hiro, only reaching his stomach. Hiro looked like a man in charge as he was still wearing the suit and shades from earlier. Tadashi blushed as Hiro petted his head. Girls and guys alike gawked at the sight of the young dapper and buff man. They finally reached the burger place.
“Table for you and your son sir?” The waiter at the desk asked. Tadashi stifled a laugh before Hiro said yes.
“What do you want to eat, son?” Hiro lowered his shades and winked as he asked Tadashi. He blushed and looked at the menu in response. The two ordered and the waiter took their menus. They didn’t speak. Tadashi was busy looking at Hiro and how he looked like a movie star, and he wasnt the only one thinking it as some random people in the restaurant started to approach the table to ask Hiro for pictures. One guy even asked for an autograph, maybe thinking Hiro was some kind of model or actor in disguise. Hiro humorEd them by taking selfies and letting people touch his hard rock muscles. The suit seemed like it was about to burst every time he flexed.

When their burgers arrived, Hiro started to eat them like a beast, grabbing two or three burgers in each hand and eating them in one or two bites. Tadashi had just barley finished his single burger by the time Hiro finished finished all of his. Hiro gave some pats to his stomach, which had a sligtly curvature but stiil showed and amazing 8 pack. As he did he made a large BURP against Tadashi face, which he could have sworn rattled the glass windows. Tadashi used his card to pay. Tadashi got up and saw Hiro rise until he brushed the ceiling at full height. Hiro had to bend down in order to leave the restaurant. Tadashi let out a yawn which prompted Hiro to pick him up and carry him like a baby. Hiro kissed Tadashi’s forehead as he rested his head on his pecs. Everyone they walked past stood in awe filled admiration or jealousy at the small giant. Luckily for Hiro, he did not have to duck to get into Fred’s house. Hiro shrunk himself back to normal after setting Tadashi down so he could shower. He came back to Fred’s room with his usual hoodie and joined his brother and Fred to look at the pictures.
“These are awesome!” Hiro proclaimed.
“I already sent them to you!” Fred said before he yawned.
“I think it’s time for bed” Hiro said as he grew to the size of Fred’s room, his muscular arms and legs knocked out some furniture and expensive figurines that were in his way. Afterwards, he grabbed both teenagers and put each of them in one on his large and perfect pecs . Both of them fall to asleep almost instantly in the bed of muscles. “Goodnight!” Hiro said before falling asleep himself.

Hiro and Tadashi were still fast asleep come morning. Fred however was awake. He crawled over to Hiro’s other pec where Tadashi was sleeping. Fred gently grabbed hold of him and carefully moved off of Hiro’s pec. He then moved Tadashi from Hiro’s stomach and onto the couch. Fred then placed earmuffs on Tadashi before getting the gun and pointing toward the massive muscle bed that was Hiro. As soon as he used it, Hiro was reduce to the small teenager boy he was. Fred then was able to easily carry him to the actul bed and decide to have some fun with testing how much he could do with the gun’s settings. He first made Hiro really tall, resembling a basketball player at his size, but added as little muscle as possible. Then he did the contrary and shrank Hiro to his normal height, but gave him a lot of muscle mas,s making Hiro a short buff teen. Fred tried to contain the laughter caused by his enjoyment at the various sizes he made Hiro. With the noise cause by Hiro growing and shrinking, Tadashi woke up. Rather then interfering, he instead observed Fred’s little experiment with curiosity. At one point, Fred shrank Hiro back to normal and grabbed his arm. Fred then made the gun grow him very slowly. Fred literally felt Hiro’s tiny little arm expanded between his fingers growing bigger and thicker. Fred did something similar with Hiro’s chest and quads, feeling them grow bigger and stronger.

Tadashi soon joined the fun riding on Hiro with Fred as they made him back to the size when he was used as a bed and then back to normal. It was like a bounce house. However, at one point, Hiro woke up. Half asleep, he instinctively started moving towards the kitchen. Unfortunately he stood up at the same moment Tadashi shot him, accidentally making him as big as the hallway, Hiro’s huge muscles began rubbing against the walls and ceiling, destroying all kinds of precious vases and art pieces in the process.

Tadashi and Fred tried to wake the half asleep Hiro, pulling his pant leg and yelling, however it was useless. Hiro was just way too sleepy and Fred and Tadashi’s attempts meant nothing to the titanic Hiro. Tadashi realized he could just shrink him. However, Hiro lost his balance and fell butt first, pushing Tadashi and Fred. Tadashi accidentally shot the gun again, but it was still set to grow, and for a higher dosage in a slower rate. Tadashi and Fred ooked at each other and gulped as they as ran to avoid getting crushed as Hiro expanded, filling the entire room and crashing the walls with huge and poweul muscles. The older teens fortunately were quick enough to get outside to the garden before getting crushed by he bulging mass of muscles. Looking up, they were greeted by a kaiju size Hiro with part of the mansion roof on his head, now fully awakeand looking t both of his friends with a disapproving look.
“Tadashi! Shrink me back! I want to get out of here! I could do it myself, but I don’t want to destroy Fred’s house more then I already have!" he said with an extremly deep and commanding voice that shook the the teens.
"Oh, right! Of course Hiro!" Tadashi quickly answer as he pointed to the giant teenager’s head and shot the beam. Hiro quickly shrank back to normal, all his muscles compacting and disappearing. The roof of the mansion fell back in place as hiro got back to normal height.

Hiro then came out of the house at his normal skinny size. With a swift motion, he quickly took the gun.
“Iif you guys wanted to have fun, you should have asked me" Hiro said with a mischievous grin as he quickly messed with the values of the gun before shooting himself. He grew bigger than both teenagers by almost double their height, his abs above eye level with Tadashi. Both teenagersgulped again and try to escape, but Hiro’s long muscuar arms grabbed them and lifted them up. He lifted Tadashi by his collar while he held Fred by his underwear. Hiro smiled an mischievous grin before putting both teenagers against the floor and laid his entire body on top of them. Both Tadashi and Fred got crushed by the gigantic Hiro while he just laughed as they struggled to get out, but it was like a lion had trapped a mouse under his paw. After a few minutes of Tadashi and Fred barely being able to breath, Hiro shrank himself to being a bit taller than tadashi and helped them get out of the crater he had made with his body. The three of them went inside to have breakfast. Fortunately the kitchen didn't get destroyed. After having breakfast, the three decided to go to the beach. Fred and Tadashi got swim trunks while Hiro got a speedo alongside the shades of the photoshoot. Hiro also wore his hoodie without the shirt. They then Fred’s convertible and drove to the beach with Hiro at the wheel.

Fred laid in the back of the convertible, catching up on sleep before they got there. Tadashi watched Hiro as he drove. Hiro’s left arm on top on the car door while holding onto the wheel. His pecs almost reaching the wheel. A confident smirk across his face. Hiro’s right arm rested on top of Tadashi’s seat. The car drive was slow as Hiro’s ripped muscles were so heavy, they caused the car to just barely to itch the ground. Hiro could had just shrunk himself a little smaller so they could drive faster, but Tadashi preferred it this way.

When they arrived at the beach, Hiro left the car the vechicle which made a sound of relief as Hiro’s massive weight was removed from of the vehicle. He easily picked up fred from the back seat of the convertible and gently shook him to wake him. The teenager woke up with a slight scare of seeing the world upside down until he saw Hiro was one holding him by the leg with only one hand before setting him down.

“Why’d you want us to bring so much sunscreen?” Fred asked as he saw Hiro take off his hoodie, showing off his big and muscular body with sweat making his muscles shine in the sun. He took the gun and shot himself, his already large body started growing at an alarming rate. Muscles growing over muscles. The car they arrived in looked like a toy next to the titan and Tadashi and Fred like mere action figures barely the size of Hiro’s face.

“This is why” Hiro gestured to himself. He walked over to the sand, making a small earthquake as he moved. face. “Think of an enjoyable punishment for making grow threw the roof earlier” Hiro said as he then laid his immense body on the sand. Tadashi and Fred began to work the put liters upon liters on hiro backside massaged and spread the sunscreen in every ripped and define muscle.

It took them hours to completely cover Hiro’s massive back. It was like painting the side of a house with only their hands. It took them about 10 buckets of sunscreen just to barely cover the entirety of Hiro’s back. To make the work easier on themselves, Fred stayed on the upper part of Hiro’s body, feeling his inmense biceps powerful back and long triceps, while Tadashi took care of the lower part, moving along side Hiro’s giant muscular butt, which was like the size of wrecking balls, and his large quads everywhere that was touched was rock hard. Hiro enjoyed the relaxing massage so much, that at an one point he fall asleep. Afterwards, Fred fell in the space of Hiro’s huge pectorals, his skinny body trapped and getting squised by the mountains of muscles while Hiro was asleep. Thankfully Tadashi witnessed it amd quickly ran towards his friend to help him. Tadashi was able to successfully able to get Fred out of his soft prison before he was squashed like a bug.

After the rescue, they noticed the gentle giant was still sleeping, so they took the oportunity and took the gun to shrink Hiro to normal to make the job quickier with Hiro’s small and soft body. Afterwards, Tadashi got an idea. They made a small hole in the ground and put the still asleep Hiro inside with only his head above the sand. Hiro woke up soon after to find himself buried. He tried to escape, but his skinny body was not able to break free. His brother and Fred were looking down at him smiling. From that point of view, they looked like giants. Hiro just laughed along with them until they heard the ground shake.
“Don’t look at me” Hiro said as he was stuck in the sand. They turned to see a large amphibious monster emerging from the ocean.
“Cool! It’s a monster!” Fred said as people ran from the beach.
“That’s not cool! It will hurt people!” Tadashi explained. “We need to dig Hiro out and find shelter!”
“Uh, no we don’t” Fred said as he held the gun. Hiro grinned as Fred shot him. The ground started to shake when the gun hit Hiro. Suddenly, his head expanded more and more as it rose out of the sand. Muscles the size of cars emerged from the ground as Tadashi and Fred ran before they could be crushed between the mountains of sand that dropped from Hiro’s muscles. When the growth stopped, he was even bigger than fred mansion. Hiro let a roar, his voice sounded almost like an animal because it was a so deep as he flexed in a muscular pose before he charged against the amphibious monster.

Both colossals charged agianst each other, Hiro trying to push the creature away into the sea, but the monster held its ground and pushed back. Giant waves were created as both giants tried to take the other one down. Hiro’s muscles bulged and tensed with the effort showing off every single vein and define muscle in full power. Fear set in as more of the amphibious monsters emerged from the waters. Tadashi was getting nervous for his little brother’s safety. Without thinking, he took the gun from Fred and shot Hiro’s massive body with the gun. His whole muscular body started shaking before expanding like never before. Hiro then saw the monster dwindled in size as he grew.
“Uh, Tadashi?” Fred tapped Tadashi’s shoulder as a shadow began to cover them. Hiro’s pecs became as big as a house, his biceps bigger than a bus. Hiro continue to grow until his head reach the clouds. The titanic teen was now the biggest creature in the world. Bigger then even the city of San Fransokyo itself, Hiro could easily crush the city just by sitting on it if he wanted. The teenager laughed, his voice was so deep, that tiny citizens had to cover their ears. Hiro bent down, the muscles breaking away the clouds until he was near the beach. The huge amphibian monsters looked like a bunch of tiny frogs at his size. Hiro then grabbed them all in one hand and with a powerful throw. the monsters flew into the ocean’s horizon. Turning around to face the city, Hiro could hear the whole city cheering for him. Their voices sounded very high, as if they were insects, but he recognized the applauses as he he began to flex his huge and powerful muscles, causing the citizen to cheer with more excitement for their musclebound titan who was in nothing but a speedo. Hiro continued to flex as he laughed with confidence.

Hours later, Tadashi, Fred, Honey, Gogo, Wasabi, Aunt Cass, and Baymax were in suits and dresses at city hall for a banquet in Hiro’s honor. Hiro didn’t arrive with them as he wanted to make his grand entrance. The streets were closed for the occasion.
“When did Hiro say he was coming?” Aunt Cass asked.
“He’ll be here shortly” As if on cue, the buildings began to shake followed by some rumbles before a building size hiro appeared from behind actually buildings in a suit and shades. Them being the same ones of the photoshoot. The suit tighten around his muscles and his tie hidden between his colossal chest. He had to be careful to get through the buildings as his big pecs and huge back were barely able to pass through the buildings without destroying them. He was finally able to let all that mass inside the free space in front of city hall. Hiro looked like a giant muscular CEO.
“Who is your big hero?” he said as the crowd went crazy. Hiro started flexing and bouncing his mega chest with his flexed bicep the size of an elephant. The suit looked even tighter against his flexing muscles. The crowd cheered louder before the mayor started letting people in for the banquet and ceremony.
“Can you wait a sec before I go inside?” Hiro asked. The mayor allowed him as he guided his friends inside. Tadashi stayed outside as Hiro laid on the steps. He was no bigger then Hiro’s eye. Hiro’s sleeve tightened around his bicep as he used it for balance. Tadashi looked like he could join Hiro’s tie, becoming hidden inside his giant massive pectorals.
“Who knew all this would happen when you made that gun the other day?” Tadashi said as Hiro shrunk himself back to normal, the suit now looking comically big on him. He ran and hugged his older brother. His small and soft arms barely went around his older brother. After hugging for a moment, they decided to join their friends and aunt. However, before reaching the doorknob, Hiro’s head suddenly rose, hitting the doorframe hard. At the same time, the suit became tight again as his muscles filled the material. Hiro turned around and saw Tadashi with the gun. Hiro walked toward him and easily lifted him in a tight bear hug. Tadashi’s face rested on his soft pecs. Hiro then put Tadashi down and they went inside for the ceremony.

Who knows what other crazy antics they’d get into with that gun?
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