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by Zehzeh
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A creation myth.
Gather around, younglings, and hear a tale of the Ancient Times, when the lands were One Island and the waters circled around and around and around. In those days, Orange Cat prowled, his eyes burning with green fire. Each paw print made a deep dust bowl. Each swish of his tail gouged out valleys. Each time he dug a hole, he threw up great mountains.

From out of the Circling Sea rowed Anash Pridmar, the First Man and with him was Manu Manu, the First Woman, They were fleeing the anger of a God and seeking a new home for themselves and the one growing in Manu Manu.

When they were cast up on the dust of the shore of the One Island, Anash Pridmar pulled his long boat high above the tide and turned it over. In this first Long House, Gallo was born. But the One Island was dust. There was no water and no food. Manu Manu sat outside the Long House and wept. As each tear drop fell, it moistened the dust and plants grew. First corn. Then willow. Manu Manu ground the corn to make bread. Anash Pridmar made a bow and arrow to hunt for food.

The smell of growth made Cat curious and he came to investigate. Anash Pridmar saw the giant beast and, in fear, shot his arrow into Cat's heart. Blood spurted out, a red rain sprinkled into the dust. As each drop fell a new beast leapt up. In this way all the creatures that roam the earth were formed. In his dying throes Cat kicked a great gorge from the centre of One Island to the Circling Sea. The lands were flooded and the Great Forest grew.

Thus the world began.

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